Ensure Your Table is Good Quality... By Stabbing With a Knife

Test quality via stabbing showroom furniture. Would Pottery Barn?

BOSTON, Sept. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Consumers want to know, what are some of the main the differences between furniture most typically seen in stores and custom furniture.  To help answer this question, eCustomFinishes, a maker of custom reclaimed wood furniture, located in Shirley mass, chooses to demonstrate furniture quality differences by running the "child proof test." Specifically, this part crazy part quality control, "child proof test" involves using crayons, markers, finger paint, and a hunting knife to purposely mark and temporarily damage a new piece of furniture from their showroom floor. It sounds like the perfect recipe of what not to do if trying to sell furniture, but in fact they find the opposite.

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Why purposely damage a new piece of furniture from the showroom? With a the high ticket price that is often associated with furniture shopping, customers need to make sure they are well informed and receive the best product, one that will suit the durability and "what if…" needs of their family, specifically for those with young children. For this reason, eCustomFinishes gives markers, crayons and finger paints, and occasionally knives to their customers and encourages them to create dings, scratches, stains and marks on their showroom furniture, as if they were the young child they worry about. Naturally the customer has reservations about damaging a new piece of furniture, but this test is designed to demonstrate how to repair common damages with nothing but a rag, water, and a small stick of furniture wax. The main difference between common retail, and custom furniture items boils down to quality materials and processes, which results in the longevity of the furniture. A dining table should last for generations, so it boils down to the materials and processes used.  

Alternatively, many of the products from major retailers, such as Pottery Barn, are made overseas and are from particleboard, fiberboard, and/or veneers. These lesser quality materials need to be treated more delicately, as indicated by Pottery Barn's Wood furniture care and cleaning process page, which explicitly states "do not use soap, water, or wax." As a buyer, this should raise questions about materials and finishes used.  Stabbing an item from Pottery Barn with a hunting knife for example would surely be detrimental to any item containing particleboard, fiberboard or veneers.  "Many shoppers are willing to spend good money, but don't understand the differences in product A vs. product B. We are doing our best to help explain the differences, starting with giving customers crayons, paints and knives. It is fun to stab one of our  custom farm table with a knife. Naturally, customers are very hesitant to make even a scratch or a mark, however we know that farm tables should last generations and we think this is the most effective way to showcase the vital importance of using high quality products and materials. Shoppers need to get used to dings and nicks on their furniture, because that is what happens when you have a family," says co-owner Jane Longden.

This custom furniture company has found this "child proof test" involving stains and deep marks as a highly effective way to stand out from the crowd, addressing the common question "what is the difference…" with a rather extreme demonstration.

ECustomFinishes has created 2 videos of this of this quality test, and is posted on youtube.com for all to see.

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