Validates New Algorithm for Email Validation Services

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 20, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ --  EmailAnswers.Com, leading provider of email validation, verification and email list cleaning services, has tested and confirmed a new algorithm to validate any email address in existence with a 95% service guarantee.


Email algorithms are mathematical formulas that specify and define whether or not email servers will accept or reject incoming email server connections due to a number of different factors, including but not limited to the ISP's spam scoring in place, user engagement, domain reputation, ISP filtering, keyword filtering and IP reputation. has calculated the appropriate algorithm, expressed as a set of well-defined instructions detailed in the process of validating email addresses. EmailAnswers.Com has developed and currently utilizes its sophisticated server-based software for email list validation that has the technical capability to communicate and connect with each and every email server and validate your entire email address database.

Serena Paul, Managing Director of EmailAnswers.Com comments, "There are a host of different variables that can play a role in email list cleaning and validation. There is no such thing as 100% accuracy due to server connection timeouts, server rejections, a mail server being offline at the moment of validation, etc. However, our proprietary validation software can guarantee that, despite these uncontrollable factors, our service will be 95% accurate." She further stresses the importance of frequently cleaning and validating your email database by stating, "Approximately 2-3% of all email addresses change or are abandoned on a monthly basis. Therefore, if you maintain a customer database of 20,000 emails over a period of a year, only 14,000 of those will be valid and deliverable by year's end. Cleansing your email database of those people who have switched ISP's, changed jobs, or no longer use a previously created email for any other reason are removed from your database. The success and deliverability of your future email marketing campaigns is dependent on it."

EmailAnswers.Com is an ESP, experienced strategy, marketing, data and email publisher that specializes in Internet business development, data hygiene, email marketing, Internet advertising and lead generation. Email Answers has achieved recognition for its award-winning technology for email list cleaning and validation services, having recently doubled its server capacity to feed this overwhelming need in the marketplace. As the only company offering a 95% guarantee of the accuracy of their email verification service, Email Answers has become the most reputable and reliable service provider to improve the IP reputation and email deliverability of small to enterprise-level corporations. Email Answers consistently helps customers achieve cost-effective solutions that combine innovative designs with powerful, functional technology.

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