Electronic Cigarette Company Of The Future?

Within the fast paste cigarette industry, companies are having to diversify and adapt very quickly. What E Cig companies will look like in the near future is still question mark, but, this company is not waiting for the industry to dictate its' fate, they are doing the dictating... E Cig Company Of The Future?

CORONA, Calif., Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- In the vast ocean of electronic cigarettes, several e cig companies  have made strong moves towards being industry leaders, such as Blu Cig, Njoy, etc. 

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However, this industry surely has much more growth to be realized and the industry can expect to see other brands emerge as leaders with their own ideas on what an "electronic cigarette company" should look like!

While the e cig industry continues to develop and evolve on a weekly bases, it is very clear to see that this industry is still in massive growth mode and it is projected to eventually replace analog cigarettes all together.  When that is or when that happens is still an unknown, but to say the least it is a very interesting industry to watch.

As to be expected, up and coming e cig companies are making strong moves as well.
One to watch is ZEROCIG, an e cig company based out of Corona, Ca.  

While ZEROCIG is not exactly a "NEW" e cig company, having been around quite a few years, they are definitely taking a different approach in navigating their company in this rapidly evolving industry and gathering steam along the way.

ZEROCIG is well known for being a no nonsense brand, delivering high quality products at very competitive prices.  A company that has always focused 100% on delivering their  products and marketing messages directly to smokers.

While ZEROCIG has used many marketing methods to directly deliver their message to their specific audiences, ie, radio, tv commercials, online partnerships, they have done so in a very discrete manor.

ZEROCIG CEO, David Moor, spoke about the future of the company and the direction it is on:" We have always been focused on our customers and meeting their very real needs and that will always be our company's first priority. This being said, we have a slightly different idea about what this industry can bare and what this company can do and we are very excited about the strides we are making forward.  As our brand continues to grow very rapidly, we have continued to evolve our selves into a 4 revenue stream company, compared to online only.

While the industry continues to evolve we have been hard at work developing and recently launching several new categories to our company that might just surprise everyone.

1.    We have recently begun to open micro retail stores "ZEROCIG Vaping Stores" that carry ZEROCIG Products and other vaping products.  While we do offer a broad arrangement of products other then just ZEROCIG products, we have a unique opportunity to discuss and educate each new user/customer that comes through our doors. Our projection is to launch 4-5 large corporate stores in key cities across the U.S. and license out privately owned ZEROCIG Stores across the U.S. as well.

2.    We have also moved into the E Liquid space developing our own brand called JUICY Vape, which can be found in our stores, available via wholesale and on ZEROCIG.com / http://www.zerocig.com [JuicyVapeUSA.com __title__ e juice]

The brand has already gained national exposure and acceptance with the launch of it on ZEROCIG.com.  Our customers were very excited to see our brand develop new products offerings but still carry our time tested e cig products. We have plans to open  JUICY Vape E Liquids up to wholesale and add the JUICY Vape E Liquid Line to other retail outlets.

3.    Our online business has always been very  strong and continues to grow and develop, but most importantly it allows us a tool to launch our new idea on and what a great platform it is!
Within hours we can reach our customers worldwide and share with them our new products.

4.   I am truly excited about the 4th tier of our company which we are currently in the midst of launching. ZEROCIG Vape Machines OR E Cigarette Vending Machines.  We did our homework on this one! We are the 1st major U.S. brand to launch a product such as this. The design of the machine is very similar to say a "RedBox," with touch screen  capability, secure wireless connection for transaction, (MAV) Manditory Age Verification (very important) and additional Above Screen Ad Features.  We are currently in discussions with several entities that would make excellent venues for this new distribution method.  The pure potential of this new distribution model is very exciting to say the least!


Finally, we have not sought any outside alliances or strategic partners purely because we believe that building the demand for our brand was of the most of importance.  With this goal accomplished , we have begun to open our Investor Relations Program and are currently seeking the right opportunity to expand the brand and meet current demand on more of a localized criteria. http://www.zerocig.com/Investor-Relations_ep_74-1.html  

Certainly, amongst the sea of e cig companies making moves within the electronic cigarette industry, ZEROCIG is marching to the beat of its' own drum making themselves different in a industry that demands it.

Media Contact: VP Marketing, Green Foot Media LLC, 888.249.0668, investorrelations@zerocig.com

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