Dynamic, Customizable Alphabet Pegboard, alphaTUB, Launches on Kickstarter at Disruptively Affordable Price

alphaTUB has taken a proven learning tool and created a one-of-a-kind, patented product with a unique design that helps children learn the alphabet and words in an immersive way

MUMBAI, India, March 12, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Designed exclusively for children of all ages and abilities, alphaTUB is a customizable alphabet pegboard developed to help educate. Each letter in the board is represented with a range of visually appealing graphics that are printed on interchangeable sheets, which easily slide into alphaTUB's patented slot. alphaTUB launched on Kickstarter today with a funding goal of $30,000.

The original alphabet-letter pegboard has been a familiar fixture of early childhood education for decades with each letter represented by its shape and one related symbol underneath. Traditionally, "A" always stood for apple, "B" stood for banana and so on. In order to challenge that tradition, the team behind alphaTUB developed an alphabet pegboard that allows parents and children to dynamically change the content so that "A" also represents ant, alligator, and avocado. alphaTUB has taken a classic, proven learning tool and created a one-of-a-kind design that helps children learn faster and more efficiently.

"The introduction of the alphabet to children should happen in a seamless manner that establishes the connection between the alphabet and the objects around the child in a natural way," explained Navneet Kalia, Founder and CEO of alphaTUB. "alphaTUB helps in bringing a living experience to alphabets. My team and I are excited because this is the first time a tool will unleash creativity among kids and not restrict or limit them compared to other alphabet-learning techniques. With a mission to make alphaTUB reach into the hands of every child, we have worked hard to make alphaTUB available at an extremely affordable price."

On average, a typical three-year-old knows around 100 words, but present-day wooden pegboards often limit the child's exposure to only 26 words. With alphaTUB, children can immerse themselves in a world of dynamic learning as their vocabulary broadens over time. Parents and educators alike can simply insert any original alphaTUB sheet into the slot for children to learn and develop new vocabulary and reading skills. alphaTUB is also offering a free mobile app that allows parents and children to create new, personalized sheets.

alphaTUB is a simple and refreshing upgrade to a traditional language-learning tool. The addition of alphaTUB's mobile app gives both parents and educators the ability to track and monitor the learning progress of kids. This concept creates an opportunity to explore newer methodologies and effectively enhances the understanding of early education. alphaTUB is offering a child safe plastic version starting at $24, making it affordable for all families, while the classic wooden model starts at $42. Both versions are now available on Kickstarter for a limited time. To learn more about the campaign, visit bit.ly/alphaTUBKS.

About alphaTUB Innovations

Founded in May 2016, alphaTUB is a company developing and producing children's learning products aimed at finding new ways for children to learn throughout their growing cycle. After six years of extensive research, multiple patents and receiving the 2017 Edison Award for Innovation, the company is excited to introduce dynamic and personalized learning content to children. alphaTUB was a featured startup at Web Summit in Portugal, Winner of Red Herring Asia Awards in Manila, Winner of Red Herring Global Awards in Los Angeles, and Jury Finalist for CII Industrial Innovation Awards in 2016 & 2017 in India. alphaTUB is also a Recognized Startup by Govt. of India. To learn more about alphaTUB, visit alphatub.com.

Media Contact: Kelsey Tabor, alphaTUB, 4135615766, kelsey.tabor@alphatub.com

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