Dr. Phil Endorsed MindBodySeries Launches a Practical Weight Loss Program for Busy People

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., June 28, 2011 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- MindBodySeries has launched MyMobileMinute(tm), a weight-loss system that leverages human psychology and physiology to naturally create the optimum conditions for weight loss success without requiring unrealistic changes in lifestyle and behavior.

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The MyMobileMinute approach to losing weight and keeping fit is counter-intuitive.  It distinguishes itself by requiring no major lifestyle changes.  Instead, it only adds a simple 90 second fitness routine, timed to meals.

Any significant change triggers the body's fight-or-flight response, which in turn causes the body to avoid or fight off the change.  The conventional weight-loss approach has people changing how much they eat, what they eat and how much they exercise all at once.  Any one of those changes alone is enough to trigger the fight-or-flight response.  This is the primary reason why 95% of all diet attempts end in failure.

"Psychologically speaking, losing weight by changing everything at once has an extremely poor chance of success."  states Dr. Frank Lawlis, co-creator of MyMobileMinute and Chair of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board.  "the key is to make a small adjustment that naturally leads to other small adjustments - a weight-loss domino effect".

"We needed something quick, easy, and effective, so that even the busiest person can stay consistent." explains fitness expert Michael Carson. "I took elements from one of the most effective ways to exercise - interval training - and timed it to eating.  The effect is a metabolic boost that burns calories and processes food more effectively."

Exercise is a natural appetite suppressor.   This is why the program does not require any immediate change in diet, as users begin to naturally crave healthier foods and smaller portions.  MyMobileMinute simply provides advice regarding healthier food choices.

Gregory Palumbo, pianist and composer for MindBodySeries, lost 70 pounds over the course of eight months using MyMobileMinute.  "I tell people, forget the weight loss!  I feel the way I did when I was 18!"  Palumbo goes on to explain, "I had tried to diet at least 40 times over the last 20 years, only to gain over 70 pounds.  MyMobileMinute is a realistic approach to weight loss - it fit my incredibly busy and stressful life, so I stayed consistent.  And I know in my heart I can realistically stay in this condition my entire life."

MyMobileMinute is effective for a variety of mutually reinforcing reasons.  Besides circumventing the fight-or-flight response, it elevates the mixed muscle protein ratio for 3 to 5 hours.  Since MyMobileMinute is done before each meal, the body is in muscle building mode for the majority of the day.  This creates metabolic momentum, which quickly reinforces the MyMobileMinute habit using textbook Pavlovian Conditioning.

MyMobileMinute is an online weight-loss and fitness program that provides users with fitness, wellness and nutrition coaching via the internet.  Each week a new "MobileMInute" fitness routine becomes available, specifically designed to maximize calorie burning while developing a lean and proportioned physique.

To read more about the MyMobileMinute program, how it works, and the science that explains its effectiveness, visit www.MyMobileMInute.com.

About the Company

MindBodySeries Wellness, Inc. is a health and wellness program publisher and distributor.   The programs are endorsed by Dr. Phil and have been featured on his show.

Dr. Frank Lawlis is the Chair of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board and Dr. Phil's mentor and doctoral professor. He is a pioneer in the field of Imagery and has been using Imagery with his patients for the past thirty years with remarkable results.

Michael Carson is one of Southern California's top fitness trainers. His personal and group workouts are lauded by both exercise enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

Media Contact: Yashi Brown MyMobileMinute, 888-668-0797, pr@mymobileminute.com

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