Dr. Mark Tager to Speak at the 2018 Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference

"The Role of Bovine Colostrum in Addressing Intestinal Permeability" - Thursday, February 22nd.

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Sovereign Laboratories will be represented by Dr. Mark Tager at the 2018 Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference in New York City. The conference will be held at the New York Hilton Midtown Manhattan Hotel from February 22-24, and brings together multi-disciplinary medical practitioners.

The Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference unites professionals across various forms of traditional and nontraditional medicine. This clinically relevant, evidence-based medical conference program is designed to educate, inspire and engage integrative practitioners and those interested in learning more about alternative and complementary approaches to healthcare.

Mark Tager, MD, the CEO of ChangeWell Inc., a San Diego-based healthcare consulting firm, will be speaking at the event on Thursday, February 22nd from 12:15-1:45 p.m. Throughout his career, Dr. Tager has delivered more than 800 presentations and is renowned for his expertise on aesthetics, regenerative medicine, and integrative health. A graduate from Duke University and the University of Oregon, Dr. Tager is also an accomplished author.

 At the Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference, Dr. Tager will be speaking about colostrum, or the milk produced by mammals during pregnancy, and how it positively impacts the body's gut lining during his session titled "The Role of Bovine Colostrum in Addressing Intestinal Permeability." This session will focus on how clinicians can use bovine colostrum to help alleviate intestinal hyperpermeability symptoms that can be caused by allergenic protein fragments, dietary factors, NSAIDS, and other environmental toxins.

"Many people suffer from issues with their GI tract, and don't realize there are simple solutions to alleviate their discomfort," says Dr. Tager. "With Western diets being full of processed foods and other potentially harmful components, it's now more important than ever to closely monitor the gut microbiome. I'm looking forward to my session at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference, and hope those in attendance will be able to take valuable information with them back to their practice."

Those who attend the session can expect to learn about the bioactive components of the bovine colostrum, discuss the ways in which bovine colostrum mechanisms of action can decrease intestinal permeability, and explore the resources connecting the use of bovine colostrum to improve performance in athletes as it relates to wound repair, infection control, and skin health.

Dr. Tager's presentation at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference is sponsored by Sovereign Laboratories. For more information about Sovereign Labs, visit www.sovereignlaboratories.com. For additional details on the Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference, go to https://www.ihsymposium.com.

About Sovereign Laboratories:

Sovereign Laboratories is a Sedona-based company dedicated to developing natural products that provide the public with the best solutions for optimal health. Sovereign Laboratories provides a range of healthcare products, but specializes in colostrum supplements that are known to help fight off infectious processes, modulate immune functions, stimulate cell growth and more. To learn more, visit http://www.sovereignlaboratories.com or http://mysovhealth.org

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