DJ Rehearsal Studio Mixes Cutting Edge Technologies with SPUN STUDIOS

Whether Well Known DJ or Novice Newcomer - a New Spin on an Idea Whose Time Has Come

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., July 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The Bay Area has done it again, once again fusing the latest technological innovation with multi media imagination, to launch Spun Studios.  This one-of-kind concept is poised to revolutionize the music industry, sweeping across America, eventually opening its doors in several major cities..


Spun Studios - a unique rehearsal music studio where DJs of all levels can rent studio space by the hour. Whether learning what it takes to become a DJ or already a seasoned pro, Spun Studios has it all. Artiists are provided with state of the art sound equipment, a supportive environment and a staff of experienced professionals offering mentorship, or just simply catering to the artist's every need.

"If you are looking for a place to bring your friends to listen to your music, or to practice for your upcoming gig, on club caliber equipment, then call us and we will hook you up" says Stephanie Roberts, owner and manging parnter of Spun Studios.  "Our very first booking was a major name in the industry and we haven't even officially opened our doors yet." she adds, "Word of mouth has spread fast, among the major players as we look forward to our grand opening on July 27th".

According to Stephanie Roberts, "For those that are interested in what it takes to become a DJ, Spun Studios offers instructional packages which include studio sessions and an instructor. Instructors work one on one with the DJ's to empower and motivate any artist to excel.  Or, you can close the door and work in perfect solitude to perfect your craft.  We cater to the whole spectrum. Instruction is optional, but the best in personal studio space is always a constant."

Once a new artist completes their sessions, they will understand the basic functionality of digital media and sound equipment. "Ultimately, our artists have a solid foundation of and an appreciation for the art of mixing, fostered by a creative environment" says Roberts.

Tech Specs about Spun Studios:

Spun has two studios equipped with all Pioneer digital media players and QSC speaker systems. For the seasoned DJ's, the studio is equipped with Pioneer CDJ2000's digital media players and the Pioneer DJM900 mixer. This set up gives the DJ the best tools to mix their music and to introduce sound effects giving their listeners a great sound session. The second studio is set up with the Pioneer CDJ850's digital media players and the DJM850 mixer, which is great for the beginning DJ's to learn to master their mixes on. Both studios are equipped with the QSC KW series speakers. These are the ideal choice for sound by any DJ. For those DJ's that like to use MP3's, USB's or other audio files to store their music, Serato 4 is available for use at Spun Studios. The Serato 4 is an audio interface that allows one to play these audio files from these devices using turntables. The interface allows the DJ to search specific songs using the Serato software search engine, rather than searching through record crates or cd cases. Spun Studios sets a  comfortable atmosphere for anyone that is at the studio to listen to the music by providing plush LoveSacs lounge on. And most importantly, the instructors at Spun Studios have years of experience with mixing a variety of genres of music and playing for the crowds. 

Spun Studios will be opening its doors for business in downtown Walnut Creek on July 27, 2013.

Media Contact: Stephanie Roberts, Spun Studios, 925-280-7786,

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