Despite Increasing Global Energy Demand, New Energy Generation will Decline in favor of Higher Asset Base Renewal Capacity

Knowing what markets will grow the most and where the biggest renewal opportunities lie will be crucial to staying ahead of the energy industry in the coming decades.

FARMINGTON, Conn., July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- There is no industry more vital to the worldwide economy than energy, and as global energy production increases to fill demand from emerging nations, new applications, and shifts in behavior, and as the means of energy production shifts from traditional fossil fuels to clean, renewable green energy sources, tremendous opportunity will be created for players within the industry.


Global Information Inc, in partnership with UK-based publishing firm StatPlan Energy Limited, is pleased to make available new market research reports and forecasts designed to help businesses, investors, governments, and watch-dogs keep well ahead of these changes.

StatPlan's energy industry market research reports and forecasts deliver a higher level of analysis, based on more robust data and new data banks, including data not previously available. This new data brings enhanced dimension to projections for the global electricity supply industry, and enables analysis that was not possible with the previously limited, recycled resources.

For more information on these significant reports including full executive summaries and tables of contents, or to request free samples from each report, follow the links below:

The Global Market for Transformers 2012-2050, published July 2012

This report offers a comprehensive analysis and forecast of power and distribution transformers in all major countries of the world. StatPlan Energy has built a unique series of databases that serve as the basis for their reports and forecasts, which enables them to produce more sensitive and more accurate predictions for short-, medium-, and long-term futures. This may be the only published forecast tool that recognizes how future opportunities will divide between New Build and Asset Based Renewal, two very different markets; only the New Build market represents an increase in infrastructure assets, making this distinction crucial to players in the market.

Global Electrification Trends: Database and Overview of Households with Electricity 2012 – 2050, published July 2012

This report introduces and provides an overview of a unique new database created by StatPlan, offering a unique analysis and database not available anywhere else of households with electricity by region and country, providing insights to the future of global electrical industries.

Electrification is something the developed world takes for granted and hardly ever thinks about, but there remain large areas of the world where the level of electrification is very low and people live their entire lives without electric power. In the developed world, until just twenty years ago most marketers assumed the state of the world was such that all homes had access to electricity, and the numbers would increase in line with population, allowing population statistics to provide growth forecasts for energy demand and consumption. However, this simplistic view ignored three basic trends altering the energy marketing landscape: population growth or decline, the decrease in household size in many parts of the world, and the rate of electrification of the world.

Transmission and Distribution Utility Networks & Equipment Markets Forecast 2012-50, published June 2012

This report a demand forecast for transmission and distribution equipment within the utilities industry through 2050, utilizing the same principles as StatPlan's power generation forecasting tool. For the short term period to 2017, this report offers forecasts by capex for transformers, switchgear, cables, conductors, insulators, steel pylons and transmission poles, all presented globally, regionally and by major country.

Generation Capacity and Demand 2012-2050, published June 2012

The key to understanding the future market for electric power generation lies not just in seeing the potential for new capacity within a market, but also the capacity of Asset Base Renewal (ABR). Simply looking at and forecasting installed capacity does not identify the nature of the opportunity that exists around the world; doing so would require overlooking the forecast that in the next years the pace of new capacity build will decline.

The Electricity Markets Yearbook 2012, published June 2012

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