Custom Exhibit Booth Manufacture, Gilbert, Talks About Incorporating Causes into Your Brand. Does it Help or Hurt the Bottom Line?

MELVILLE, N.Y., March 1, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- With over thirty years of experience creating custom exhibit booths, trade show firm Gilbert, shares the pros and cons of cause marketing for businesses considering this type of promotion.

The lure of cause marketing is understandable. This style of advertising integrates a business's brand with something larger than the business, creating a win-win situation for the company and society. Ideally, cause marketing helps others and results in an increase positive metrics for the company (e.g., brand awareness, revenue, trust).

However, cause marketing is not always appropriate for businesses. Marketing professionals should think long and hard before creating a cause-driven marketing campaign. Gilbert shares more on the pros and cons of cause marketing:

Advantages of Cause Marketing for Businesses

1.   Increases the number of favorable impressions a company receives. An overwhelming majority of consumers are in favor of businesses supporting social and environmental issues. Helping others every time you do business cultivates a positive reputation and this can foster brand loyalty, which is extremely valuable.

2.   Strong seasonal marketing opportunities. Many causes hold events throughout the year. These events are opportunities to increase brand awareness and reinforce your business's excellent reputation. If the cause itself receives a lot of attention, chances are your business will too.

3.   Brand amplification. Brand amplification is, perhaps, the most significant benefit resulting from cause marketing. Businesses gain additional opportunities to showcase their brand. Once the connection between the cause and the company is cemented, every time the cause promotes their agenda, your business comes to mind.

Disadvantages of Cause Marketing for Businesses

1.   Potential unintended negative consequences. While cause marketing may appear to be an ideal marketing strategy, such promotion can hurt businesses that fail to properly execute the campaign. For example, companies that are not transparent about their role in supporting a cause can lose consumer trust. Therefore, if pursuing a cause marketing agenda, be sure to clearly demonstrate your support for the cause in all possible ways.

2.   Mismatched branding. A company that chooses to support a cause that doesn't naturally align with their scope of business may experience a problem with brand recognition. Therefore, it is essential to carefully choose the cause or causes your business will support. The cause(s) a business opts to support should reinforce their brand and strengthen it.

Overall, cause marketing is an excellent idea if executed properly. Companies that properly administer a cause-driven marketing agenda are a good chance of improving essential marketing outcomes, including net profits.

About Gilbert:

Gilbert is a custom trade show exhibits, environments, and events firm with over thirty years of experience and three units: Exhibition, Architectural and Live. The Gilbert exhibition booth design team of expert craftsmen and designers have decades of experience creating spaces that optimize traffic flow and capture attention in a variety of markets. Gilbert Exhibition takes care of fabrication, design supervision, service, planning, management, and more to ensure total success. Gilbert Architectural specializes in giving your brand a place to tell its story. Gilbert Live handles every aspect of planning and producing promotional and corporate events. 

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