Critical Maritime Assets and Infrastructure Gain Greater Protection

Law enforcement looks on as speedboat driver demolishes his own engine in the name of greater safety for professional mariners

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., Sept. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Citizens of St. Augustine and Vilano Beach saw the flashing blue and red lights of law enforcement patrol boats on the water near the Vilano Bridge yesterday afternoon.  But the Coast Guard and law enforcement were not there to make an arrest; they were cordoning off the site where local branch of the Washington, D.C.-based maritime security company Alcyonics (pronounced al-SEA-on-icks) along with one of its partner companies, Knowledge Bridge International performed another successful demonstration of its new security product for a gathering of notable guests.  Among the guests in attendance were a large, U.S.-based oil and gas exploration company and a representative of the Republic of the Marshall Islands Ship Registry.

Those who saw the law enforcement flotilla securing the demonstration site might also have seen the product and its effect. A small speedboat hydroplaned at top speed toward a series of small buoys.  As the speedboat zipped between the buoys, it came to a jarring halt, its engine leaping out of the water and coughing a great cloud of mist into the air as the boat was totally disabled by Alcyonics' security system. The engine sat, completely seized, attached to a cracked hull, leaving no doubt in the observers' minds that the Alcyonics system had performed its function.  The Alcyonics Fixed-Site Entanglement System™ is designed to provide a full-perimeter access control system for critical assetson the water, such as offshore oil and natural gas rigs.  It provides critical standoff distance from threats, and establishes a safe operating zone within its boundaries.  Any small to mid-sized craft that attempts an unauthorized crossing finds itself dead in the water, just like today's aggressor boat.  "The system worked as advertised," one member of the delegation remarked.

Alcyonics is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business founded in St. Augustine almost exactly four years ago.  The company started when local businessman and historian Scott Brewer and his son, Michael Brewer, put their heads together to try and come up with a way to address the growing problem of piracy in the Indian Ocean.  They built their business around a novel invention – their patent-pending Entanglement System – designed to disable small to mid-sized craft like the ones used by Somali pirates.  Their initial target customers were the shipping industry, but it soon became obvious that their versatile product had uses in protecting critical maritime infrastructure as well.  Alcyonics CEO, Michael Brewer said "We believe our solutions provide a novel, cost-effective, robust means for maritime  critical infrastructure protection.  All combined, this system allows our customers to reap the physical and financial benefits of their security investment."

The company has grown, with offices in St. Augustine and its headquarters in Washington D.C. The company has received several key endorsements of its products from industry leaders, labor unions, and maritime organizations.  Commenting on Alcyonics' entanglement system, Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Governor Tom Ridge – an Alcyonics Advisory Board member – says "The Ridge Global team is pleased to work with a firm that we believe has developed an answer to the maritime security challenge posed by small boat attacks."  Ridge also stated, "I am convinced that the innovative solutions that they bring to the arena of non-lethal ship protection are the right ones: simple, cost-efficient, and operationally effective."  Brian Schoeneman, National Political and Legislative Director for the Seafarers International Union also endorsed the product, saying "The shipping industry would be wise to take advantage of these products and services to strengthen shipboard defenses and provide another layer of protection for our mariners."

If yesterday's demonstration is any indicator, maritime professionals around the world can enjoy more security and peace of mind, and the maritime executives looking for security solutions may have found one that provides real return on their investment.

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