Creating a Positive Online Presence Takes Time and Effort Says Reputation Experts JW Maxx Solutions

The online reputation experts at JW Maxx Solutions say that creating a positive online presence for an existing business is not a task to be entered lightly in the summer of 2013.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 16, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Online reputation management experts JW Maxx Solutions share that for most established companies it can be a process to creating a positive online presence. This is especially difficult if there is negativity online that has not been addressed in a long time. Articles have been written, and countless customers have commented on the products and services offered through blogs, social media, responses to articles, etc.  Whether the image established by that is positive or negative is largely a result of the quality of services offered by the company, as well as how they have executed their customer service.  If the established image is positive, companies should capitalize on it and work to maintain that reputation.  If the image is negative, the road ahead can be extremely difficult.


The first thing a company with a neutral or negative reputation needs to know about creating a positive online presence is that there are usually reasons that the company's image is not entirely positive.  If that is the case, the company needs to acknowledge the problems that it has had up to the point that they begin working on their image.  Arguing that all of those customers are wrong, and the business is right will ultimately do far more harm than good.  The customers who criticize the business will be offended because the business is accusing them either of stupidity or dishonesty while those considering doing business with the company will see such a response as demeaning to customers in general.  By taking responsibility for failures of the past, the company gains the esteem of would-be customers for their honesty.

Once the company has accepted responsibility for past shortcomings, the next step in creating a positive online presence is explaining in as many places as possible what the company plans to do differently.  The best place to start doing this is on the company's own website.  A short commentary on the homepage with a link to a blog posting about complaints and changes is just the beginning.  The company's blog, which will help the website rise in search results, should keep visitors up-to-date on the changes being implemented.

Beyond the company's own site, creating a positive online presence involves working with both traditional and social media outlets to address concerns, show changes, and ensure that the company is the one telling its story, not disgruntled customers.  Regularly responding to the various questions and comments from customers on Twitter, Facebook, and the company page is a terrific way to build rapport, alleviate existing concerns, and demonstrate a true commitment to customer satisfaction.  While changing an image is much more difficult than creating one, it is possible with the requisite commitment and expertise.

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