Coping With The Difficult People Crisis

SEATTLE, Dec. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Borderlines and other difficult people caused trauma and damage in the USA worth at least $2 BILLION last year. More adults consider committing suicide especially at the holidays, and depression and bullying got worse in 2013. announces affordable media and books - the products of 3 years of research – to help people get through these traumatic times.

"In our research into this epidemic, most of the people we have met this year – who have been victimized – have been pressing us for practical, how-to tips on how to deal with these painful experiences," says Ann Ford, teacher and author. "Anxiety medication doesn't make many victims feel better. Standing up for themselves goes a lot further, along with prevention measures such as these TIPS."

Stop thinking about the 3 wise men and start thinking about the Big Three U.S. Holiday Threats:

  1. The threat of being assaulted
  2. The threat of being injured by someone driving under the Influence, and
  3. The threat of considering or committing suicide.

The U.S. currently has an epidemic of widespread dangerous behavior, and families at the holidays are not prepared for it. A lot of risky behavior is acted out at family gatherings, because almost 70% of U.S. adults describe themselves as "drinkers," with many of them being clinical borderlines (people with no conscience), and  25% of U.S. citizens test out as SOCIOPATHS. This is why people face increased violence in homes, and are 13 times more likely to get hurt during the holidays in the U.S., than you are in a country like England.


Go to any borderline site and you will see people agonizing over increased bullying, depression, domestic violence and abuse of all kinds, and terror and anxiety at work and in families. Who are the "bad guys"? There are 20 million borderlines now in the USA – some in prison, often for white collar crimes, but the majority are on the loose, and wreaking havoc in their workplaces and in their families. Bullying and depression rates are up in 2013, and so is suicide.

Conservatively, the "bad apples" cost us all TWO BILLION DOLLARs a year. They do lasting harm to people for the competitive pleasure they get out of it. Preventing their damage is easier than trying to remedy things afterward. These REAL WORLD tips that WORK, are much faster than therapy and are one hundredth of the price, and give you control in enforcing behavior rules on the "bad guys."

The 15 best TIPS of 2013 include ways to avoid, ways to lessen, and ways to control dangerous behaviors. For example, do NOT leave the (male or female) "bad guy" alone for a minute. Someone has to be with them, or they will spend even more time in your bathroom rifling through your medicines, doing verbal put-downs on your children or you, or taking photos of your messy bedrooms. And QTIP – Quit Taking It Personally. This is not your fault – they do these things from their own internal demons.

CALL TO ACTION: is a very new, very tiny, help site, and we can't change bad behavior by ourselves. Our first research-based based media, app, and ebook offerings are (1) 15 TIPS: How to Survive the Holidays and (2) 15 TIPS for Coping with Borderlines' Bad Behavior. Most important, we are asking everyone who can help – every regular citizen, not just professionals – to include these issues in their 2014 resolutions. Say something, staying silent makes things worse.

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