Control your phone by Waving your hand using Air Gesture Control

Air Gesture Control allows users to control Music, Gallery, Phone calls, Flash Light, Unlocking phone and many more just by waving your hand, no touch needed.

BANGALORE, India, Dec. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Tired of listening to that Galaxy S4 user who brags about air control features?


Air Gesture Control is your answer to them ! ! !

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Air Gesture Control allows you to control Music, Gallery, Phone call, Un Lock phone, Audio recording, Push Ups, Flash Light, Ringer volume, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Data connection and many more by just waving your hand.

In rapidly changing world of smart phones, we badly needed an alternate way to control our phone other than touch. How about a wave to your phone? we thought it was an awesome idea and decided to work on it at INTank Corp.

After looking at the Galaxy S4, we decided that it would be awesome to have all of these features on all of the other phones as well, but the problem was all other phones were not having Hovering-Sensor as part of the phone.

We did our research and found that most of the phones does have a Proximity sensor that is been used to switch off your screen when you are talking over your phone. Eureka!!! We decided we would use proximity sensor to provide all of these awesome WAVE features to all of the users and developed Air Gesture Control.

Air Gesture Control is Great for:

  • Driving - Focus only on driving, safety first
  • Press Conference- Wave and record while others are searching for a way to record
  • Push Ups - Use Air Gesture Control to keep track of your push ups
  • At your desk - No need to look at your phone, change to next song by waving
  • Cooking - Hands covered with oil, well just wave at your phone for next song
  • Cleaning - Don't worry about getting dirt on your phone
  • Eating - No more food stain on your phone screen
  • Working Out- Don't fall off the treadmill while changing to next song
  • Show off - Well be a Ninja, Jedi or Shoaling monk, take your pick

Air Gesture Control for Android was tested and verified to run effectively on mobile devices based on Intel® Architecture.

As an Intel® Software Partner, INTank Corp had technical and marketing support to help optimize the application on the latest Intel platforms.

Media Contact: VIRAJKUMAR TANK, INTank Corp, 9632223352,

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