Concentrated Solar Power Could Supply 11.3% of Global Electricity by 2050

FARMINGTON, Conn., Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Global concentrated solar power (CSP) markets are growing faster than ever. CSP's dispatchability, increased efficiency and track record in innovation has led to projections that by 2050, with appropriate support, CSP could provide 11.3% of global electricity, with 9.6% from solar power and 1.7% from backup fuels (fossil fuels or biomass). For investors, business leaders, and project managers, now is the time to seize CSP market share. There will never be a more critical time to scale up a CSP business than today, to be ready for the surge in financing, bid-winning and project inception around the globe.


Solar firms and business executives need digestible, consolidated and up-to-date information to be able to take advantage of these enormous opportunities - from in-depth technical data and plant information to market and policy figures.

Global Information Inc (GII), in partnership with our premium research partner CSP Today, announces the availability of a new market research service and three new reports providing business critical CSP data and analysis.

CSP Today Global Tracker

Getting a comprehensive overview of the projects around the world, securing insider insight into the new markets that will be a perfect fit for your business and procuring truly digestible information on policies and incentives has been a pipe dream for developers, EPCs and suppliers alike. The CSP Today Global Tracker is an online resource, which updates as soon as something changes, and provides in-depth evaluations of those changes, meaning that you can react to them effectively.

The CSP Today Global Tracker includes instant online access to project tracker with up-to-the-minute pipeline visibility; markets and policy tracker; quarterly insider analysis; premium content with access to unique evaluations of topic news; and in-depth technical and market reports.

Limited time offer: Subscribe before November 14th and save up to 38% on a 12-month subscription.

For more information or to request a free 1 to 2 week trial, please visit

CSP Parabolic Trough Report: Cost, Performance and Key Trends

In spite of Parabolic Trough being the most mature and widely deployed of all CSP technology's - accounting for no less than 95.6% of the current global installed MW capacity of CSP - only a small number of developers and EPC contractors know the real costs of Parabolic Trough, and this is not information they are willing to share!

The CSP Parabolic Trough Report provides you with the facts, data and analysis you need to stay ahead of the curve and secure profitability in this nascent CSP technology.

An Executive Summary for this report and free sample pages from the full document are available at

CSP Solar Tower Report: Cost, Performance and Key Trends (2013)

With Solar Tower's growing market share set to alter the CSP technological landscape and claims that it could represent CSP's most viable route towards grid-parity mounting, the eyes of the industry are increasingly zooming in on this technology. Yet, currently there exists a critical lack of transparency surrounding the cost and performance parameters of Solar Tower which not only makes it difficult to substantiate such claims but restricts players across the industry from engaging in and profiting from this growing area of CSP. This report brings unprecedented clarity to the costs and performance of Solar Tower CSP.

An Executive Summary for this report and free sample pages from the full document are available at

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The Concentrated Solar Power Markets Report 2012-13

The challenge for developers, EPCs, suppliers and each segment of the CSP industry is to be able to identify the really valuable opportunities among the grand but often unsubstantiated announcements. The Concentrated Solar Power Markets Report provides you with facts, data and in-depth analysis to help you identify the right opportunities and grow your CSP business in the emerging markets.

The CSP Markets Report provides you with the facts, data and analysis you need to get ahead of your competitors and get ready for the boom in global CSP markets.

An Executive Summary for this report and free sample pages from the full document are available at

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