Comprehensive Auto Insurance is a Policy That Protects Against Unusual Damages

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- ( has released a new blog post explaining how comprehensive auto insurance provides coverage against unusual car damage.

Comprehensive auto insurance is not a mandatory policy nor as popular as collision or liability. However, it comes and serves a specific niche: protection against the unexpected or as they are known in the industry, "acts of God".

If a hurricane hits an area and cars get damaged, policyholders will be able to claim benefits through their comprehensive plans. If a car is damaged during a city riot, again, comprehensive auto insurance will cover that. If someone is driving at night and hits an animal, damaging the vehicle, the repair costs will be covered by a comprehensive auto insurance plan.

Another important situation that is covered by the policy is car theft. A policy will reimburse the driver for the lost vehicle.

How to find affordable auto insurance?

Comprehensive auto insurance is not expensive. Clients can find great offers by comparing online car insurance quotes at The website always provides a list of quotes for offers tailored for each customer. All the prices are based on the client's location and on details drivers provide when completing the online form.

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