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DENVER, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Negative posts on Complaints can severely impact businesses of all sizes. has years of experience removing listings and can guarantee results for their clients. now offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their post removal services. Many businesses, both big and small, rely on's proprietary techniques and methods to have negative posts removed from, and now results are guaranteed. Guaranteed removal services are far less expensive than the impact of negative online slander. is one of the most popular consumer review sites on the market today. The website accepts complaints against any and all businesses and individuals and allows customers to submit their complaints anonymously. is viewed as an authoritative source, and customers feel that they can trust any and all postings on this site as fact. Numerous complaints against a single company can seriously damage a business's reputation in their community and on the internet.

People are aware of the power sites like holds with customers, and often take advantage of the site's popularity and trusting visitors to outright attack a business. Competing businesses can pose as customers and submit anonymous complaints that intentionally attack their competitor's good reputation. Employees with a grudge against their employer (or former employer) often leave vicious complaint postings online to spite their employer.

These attacks are all indexed by Google and appear alongside business name results when searching. If these attacks are left alone, the results may actually rank higher than the business's legitimate website in search results—meaning the first thing potential customers see when searching for a business are the negative complaints against them.

There are few solutions available to businesses when it comes to removing this negative information. They can try to contact the original poster and request that they remove the complaint, deleting the entire history from the site itself. Businesses can also contact staff to hopefully delete a problematic post, if they're lucky— staff typically does not respond to business inquiries asking to have posts removed due to the website's terms of service. Third, they can rely on tested, guaranteed solutions from uses specialized techniques and years of reputation management experience to guarantee the successful removal of information from They can spend the time business owners can't to fully research their options and act on them effectively, which makes these services immediately valuable. is the leading internet reputation management firm on the market. Their award-winning services and techniques go the extra mile to ensure that their client's reputation is not only repaired, but improved. specializes in bringing the quality reputation management skills that only large corporations enjoy, all packaged in affordable, confidential solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Hundreds of satisfied clients have relied on these industry standard practices, with great successes every time.

Their staff of highly-skilled security and reputation management technicians knows how to pinpoint negative information online and wipe it from the internet, leaving businesses with a positive reputation that will encourage business and grow sales over time. Along with guaranteed negative review removal from the internet, offers services that specialize in future attack prevention, online crisis management, positive online assets for search result repair, and real-time internet reputation monitoring. If you have a complaint on you are looking to remove contact today

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