Coffee LatinAmerica Directly Connects Micro-lot Farms with the Specialty Coffee Industry

HOUSTON, April 28, 2011 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Coffee LatinAmerica ( announced today during the 23rd annual Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Symposium the formal launch of operations to connect international buyers directly to the highest-quality and best-value specialty coffee Latin America has to offer. 

Coffee LatinAmerica (CLA) provides:  direct sales of spot coffee; forward-contract options; customized ordering; logistics, transportation, tours and security services at origin; in addition to an online marketplace for green coffee.

CLA also offers a virtual auction site that allows clients to bid on some of the world's highest-value specialty coffees. CLA´s unique auction format provides customized milling, packaging and shipping to international customers while eliminating the typical challenges that plague the specialty coffee industry such as 100% up-front payments, container-sized minimums, long delays, quality control issues, etc.  

CLA's ( business model keeps costs at a minimum by encapsulating the roles of logistics service provider, exporter, transporter, importer, broker, distributor, and supply chain manager into a single entity.  CLA provides its green beans and services direct to professional roasters, home roasters, distributors, importers, and speculators while embracing best business practices such as:

  • 100% Transparency in all its Transactions, Products, and Services
  • Finca-level and Micro-lot Traceability
  • Double-grading by Independent Q-graders to Ensure Quality
  • Tailored Processing, Packaging, and Shipping
  • Expedited Importation
  • Secure Logistics

All of CLA´s ( coffees score 80+ points using the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) cupping protocols administered by certified Q-graders of the Coffee Quality Institute. CLA spot coffees are professionally handled from the farm gate to final packaging to meet CLA´s exacting, zero-defects quality standards.

"Complete traceability between a single finca and the cup is critical for preserving a connection between taste and place," says company Managing Director, James Cummiskey. "CLA is committed to ethical behavior and outstanding execution while giving back to the communities where Latin America´s finest coffees are grown," Cummiskey continued.

CLA also encourages and trains affiliated farmers in proven practices for growing and processing the finest possible coffees that their terroir enables. To do this, CLA is committed to facilitating access to the latest farming and coffee processing methodologies while paying fair coffee premiums to each farmer. These payments to the farmer exceed Fair Trade requirements and enable farmers to employ the latest processes and technologies to maximize the potential of their specialty coffee.

"Latin American coffees have as much or more potential of any coffees produced, but still more opportunity in processing remains. This is exciting and is catering to a much needed niche," says Tracy Allen, CEO and Founder of Brewed Behavior.

Logistics LatinAmerica, S.A.S. ( (LLA) is a diversified, multi-sector consortium that delivers secure logistics by integrating high-value logistics capabilities; air, marine, and ground transportation; and security solutions throughout Latin America.  LLA is also a venture capital broker that provides a channel for direct foreign investment in Latin America. 

Coffee LatinAmerica ( (CLA), an operating division of Logistics LatinAmerica, S.A.S., connects international buyers to the highest-quality and best-value specialty coffees Latin America has to offer.  CLA provides direct sales of spot coffee, forward-contract options, special ordering, and a virtual online marketplace for green coffee.  CLA also provides a complete portfolio of origin services including logistics, transportation and security. 

Xpedite (, an operating division of Logistics LatinAmerica, S.A.S., is an integrated business that delivers secure services for tourists, expatriates, foreign residents, and citizens throughout Latin America.  Xpedite offers a consolidated package of high-quality secure services that streamlines our customer´s experience in Latin America.  These services include:  legal, real estate, education, tourism (including tours to coffee regions and facilities), medical services, shipping, business consultation, and technology, security and investment.

Media Contact: Hannah Shields Coffee LatinAmerica, (208)819-9964,

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