CODY Systems Launches the CODY Crime Analysis Dashboard

CODY Systems adds the CODY Dashboard to its industry-leading public-safety software suite to provide cloud-based, region-wide pattern analysis, geospatial and data visualization for optimized resource deployment

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- CODY Systems, industry leader and innovator in data management and public safety software solutions, today announced the industry's first end-to-end crime analysis solution which combines a proven real-time public safety and law enforcement data management solution with data visualization, sophisticated crime analytics, and geospatial summaries suitable for COMPSTAT-style reporting.  The new product, called the CODY Dashboard™, is available as part of the CODY Systems Records Anywhere and platforms.  The CODY Dashboard is entirely browser-based and requires no client side software installations.


Sophisticated data analysis and visualization tools have been a core feature in a CODY system for over 30 years. However, the CODY Dashboard takes this analysis to a new level, delivering more in-depth, on-demand operational and graphical analysis tools to support data driven, intelligence-led policing.    "In over 500 agencies nationwide, CODY public safety software solutions are already providing anywhere access to critical RMS data in both single and mutli-agency deployments," commented Frances Heffner, CODY Systems' President.  "The CODY Dashboard now gives our customers the edge by providing enhanced data-mining and investigative analysis to help them better allocate their resources and get more out of the data the CODY system captures for them. The graphic summary form of the data that CODY Dashboard provides, coupled with the intuitive mapping and COMPSTAT-style summaries will help our customers make sense of the data coming at them from both their agency RMS and any other connected information system." 

While CODY Dashboard is able to provide a single agency with this enhanced functionality, it has become ever more crucial to provide enhanced data-mining options for proactive and preemptive use at the regional and consortium level. To fulfill this need, CODY Dashboard is being used as a bolt-on to CODY's regional data integration and exchange platform to provide the ability to analyze, investigate and otherwise mine regional data from various, disparate data sources.

Examples of analyses available include:

  • Hotspot maps showing concentration of crimes city or region-wide over different time periods and crime types
  • Beat, District or Region density showing  crime rate as a function of various size patrol, community policing, or government representation areas
  • Day of week and time of day analysis, highlighting areas (hotspots) which differ from day-to-day
  • Critical Places analysis:  crimes happening nearby local areas of interest (schools, malls, hospitals, etc.)
  • COMPSTAT reporting:  period-by-period change of rates, according to policing area (beat, district, etc.) and different time periods (day, week, month, etc.)


These and many other analyses can be saved in the CODY Dashboard application and regularly referred to by command staff, crime analysts, patrol supervisors, and any other personnel officials choose to permit such access.

To deliver this new functionality as part of its CODY system offering, CODY Systems partnered withThe Omega Group, Inc., the San Diego-based law enforcement and public safety solution provider and the creator of the widely-used CrimeView Desktop, Dashboard,  NEARme Mobile, and public facing applications.  In addition to displaying CODY RMS/ data-generated incident information in the CODY Dashboard, agencies may choose to expand beyond the scope of the CODY Dasboard to the full capabilities of the CrimeView Dashboard, which can integrate records from the agency's own Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Record Management (RMS), parole, pawn shop, or other systems. 

"We are excited to partner with CODY Systems to deliver our industry-leading crime analysis platform to CODY Systems' users," said Milan R. Mueller, founder, president & CEO of The Omega Group.  "We have dedicated ourselves to making cutting-edge crime analysis tools easy and accessible for our users, and analyzing real crime statistics and types represents the next step in a data-driven policing response and aids in officer safety as well."

About CODY Systems

CODY Systems (, leader in Public-Safety and Data Fusion/Integration Software, provides integrated, user-friendly and results-driven software to nation-wide government, public safety, law enforcement, homeland security and intelligence agencies of all sizes, from rural police departments to state-wide and federal agencies. Our mission is to make our agencies Data Driven, using integrated, user friendly data access to improve field safety for police officers, sheriff's deputies and other government law enforcement agents, augment investigators' instincts through data, inform law enforcement decision-making with intelligence-led policing and improve efficiency in all domains of government. CODY Systems' solutions include Desktop RMS, Express RMS/CAD and Field Reporting, Cloud / Hosted RMS, investigations, corrections, etc., as well as the Cloud-ready information-sharing platform, with its C.tac 5 tactical search app, which integrates, shares, and provides true real-time information on persons, locations, vehicles, etc. across jurisdictions to officers on the street, investigators and upstream destinations -- regardless of the RMS vendor that participating agencies use.


About The Omega Group, Inc.

The Omega Group is a leading provider of analysis-driven decision support, performance management and electronic briefing services to law enforcement public safety agencies. Omega employs cloud-based data management, intelligence, analytics, mapping & visualization services to sift through disparate data sources to identify incident and offender trends, patterns and correlations which help determine agency strategic & tactical  priorities and associated patrol resource allocations. The Omega Group has over 500 law enforcement and public safety clients. Further information about The Omega Group is available at

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