Coconut Club Vacations Provides Time-Saving Airport Travel Tips For August 2013 Travelers

Coconut Club Vacations is releasing some tips as to how to save time when traveling with airlines through the month of August.

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Coconut Club Vacations knows that along with all of the conveniences that accompany airline travel, there are plenty of minor annoyances that travelers will have to deal with. So to better assist people on vacation, the Club is advising travelers to take heed of the following suggestions, when taking flights to vacation destinations.


Coconut Club Vacations suggests that travelers research airlines before packing due to airline regulations dealing with luggage dimensions and carry-on sizes. One of the last things a traveler wants to have happen is to be told their suitcases are not allowed aboard, or have too many of them and must down-pack some luggage. Imagine having to sort through luggage in the middle of an airport, it would be incredibly time consuming...time that may cost a traveler their flight and delay their vacation. By looking up airline regulations ahead of time, travelers will be able to breeze right through baggage check-in.

Another airport tip that Coconut Club Vacations has for travelers is to arrive plenty of time before the plane is scheduled for take-off. Delays do occur, and no one wants to feel rushed during their first hours of vacation. Being rushed can lead to stress and anxiety, two things that should be far removed from a vacation experience. So do plan for delays, and arrive at the airport with plenty of time before the scheduled departure.

When packing carry-on bags, Coconut Club Vacations suggests that passengers bring along a few key items. An essential item that is suggested is a sleep mask. A sleep mask allows the traveler to block out sunlight and cabin light, helping them get in a quick nap, during the flight. To further assist the sleeping, ear buds are also recommended to be brought along. The ear buds can be used to simply block out the sounds of the airplane or other passengers, or they can be used with a media player, to play some quiet music to aid in falling asleep. Comfortable shoes and socks are also suggested to be brought along. Some people experience swelling in their feet, while flying. By wearing comfortable socks and loose-fitting shoes, people can keep from feeling discomfort in their feet.

Coconut Club Vacations is dedicated to strong member service and value, and they maintain the philosophy that their members are the most valuable assets. Coconut Club Vacations raises the bar for industry standards every day.

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