ClickUp Aims to be the Salesforce of Project Management

Palo Alto based ClickUp consolidates project management for design, development, and sales into a single tool.

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Today ClickUp launched a project management service which it hopes can offer an integrated CRM solution to businesses across the world.

In addition to a suite of functionality aimed directly at project management, the software includes a set of CRM features which appeal to many of the same needs addressed by CRM products such as Salesforce.

The key difference, according to the startup, is that unlike traditional options, every aspect of their software is tightly integrated.

This synergy unlocks opportunities for teams to benefit from otherwise impossible features, simpler design, and greater accessibility for their entire team.

The end result allows an entire team to stay on the same page during the inevitably chaotic phases that teams face during projects.

"One of our big goals is to allow teams to keep tabs on every moving piece of their organization [...] The more access your people have to useful information, the more productive they become," said Zeb Evans, the CEO at Click Up.

In addition, ClickUp offers rich reporting functionality which allows teams to onboard rapidly and optimize their performance over time in areas ranging from customer service to sales.

Awareness of what's happening helps managers perform at the highest level. However, according to ClickUp, most teams fail to take advantage of this knowledge due to the difficulty of keeping up with everything.

"People get overwhelmed with how much information comes in, they have no chance. What we've done is made a system that curates the data for teams and hands it to them in an already useful form," explained Alex Yurkowski, CTO of ClickUp.

Through both CRM integration and useful analytics, Click Up is confident in its ability to deliver a fully integrated project management solution for all businesses.

ClickUp is available for purchase on their website at

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