Chipp'd premieres: bracelets that let you share exclusive content in a fun and personal way

Every handcrafted bracelet contains a unique QR code, which links to a private mobile page that can be customized using a mix of fun content. The bracelet also acts a key for unlocking a page - you have to scan the right one to gain access.

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Chipp'd released its inaugural line of handcrafted bracelets for sale in the United States starting today.


Every bracelet links to its own customizable, mobile page via a unique QR code on itsback. The bracelet also acts as a key for unlocking a Chipp'd page – you can't gain access to a page without scanning the right bracelet.

Chipp'd offers three different options for sharing: (1) Love, designed for sharing privately with one person, (2) Flock, designed for sharing privately with a closed group, and (3) Story, designed for sharing with people you meet in-person.

The company is starting with 11 different bracelet options - ranging from waxed cotton (6 colors) at $55 to special edition purple leather, priced at $75. For their money, customers also get a free page, with over 1 GB worth of data.

Customers can add a wide variety of content to their Chipp'd pages, ranging from all the standard types – text, photos, videos, audio, files, and URLs – to the startup's own concoctions – events, lockets, and vCards.  

Everything about Chipp'd is designed to be fun: from its whimsical mascot – the noble pigeon – to its page builder. The company chose to handcraft its bracelets in New York, even though it would have been a lot cheaper to produce them overseas. If it all seems a little unconventional, it's because it's supposed to be.

"Too many things are becoming too digital, too quickly. We're losing our privacy online. Our craftsmen and artisans are being run to the ground by outsourcing. The world is just becoming less personal overall," explains Omar Farha, the startup's founder. "Chipp'd is our way of saying – hold on, we're human beings, not avatars. Let's reconnect with people we care about and let's have some fun doing it."

He's quick to point out that bracelets, in general, don't just serve a functional or fashionable purpose – they also hold powerful symbolic value, having been used as far back as Ancient Egypt to bring protection and prosperity to their wearer.

"We've always used what we wear to express who we are. We've even used what we wear to symbolize our relationships with other people. Using bracelets as a mechanism for sharing private content between lovers, friends, and other closed groups just felt right."

Visit Chipp'd at to see the bracelets and preview the page builder.

About Chipp'd

Chipp'd makes physical products that unlock exclusive digital content.  The startup's first offering is a handcrafted bracelet that links to its own customizable mobile page.  Chipp'd is also really proud of its page builder, which lets you add all the basics, like audio, video, and photos, along with the company's own concoctions, like super cute Locket and sleek, downloadable vCard.

Headquartered in New York City, Chipp'd aspires to make the Web a more fun and personal place.

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