ChemImage Expands HSI Examiner™ Series to Brazil with Distribution Agreement with Teletronic Industria e Comercio LTDA

PITTSBURGH, Jan. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- ChemImage Corporation announced today that the company will be expanding its international distribution of its forensics product line, the HSI Examiner™ Series to Brazil after reaching an agreement with Teletronic Industria e Comercio LTDA, a leading provider of laboratory products and equipment in the Brazilian region. The HSI Examiner™ QD Series of instruments uses hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology to provide forensic document examiner with superior ink discrimination capabilities.  The HSI Examiner™ 50 and 100 QD products use this non-destructive technology to examine documents that are suspected of being fraudulent, forged, altered or counterfeit. The HSI Examiner™ 200 QD incorporates these capabilities along with advanced OVD, UV and transmitted lighting modes to give the examiner the hyperspectral imaging tools needed to evaluate security features found in currencies, visas, passports and other security documents.  These instruments provide superior ink discrimination, sample analysis and speed over other systems available on the market.

The HSI Examiner™ 1000 gives the forensic scientist a powerful tool for the non-destructive examination of a wide variety of evidence types.  It uses hyperspectral imaging and analysis tools to discriminate fingerprints, gunshot residue, biological stains and other residues, especially on difficult and complex backgrounds.  The Examiner 1000 uses spectral and RGB imaging, broadband luminescence, a large working area and a multi-angle high intensity crime scope with motorized optical zoom magnification to give the user the flexibility and tools needed to detect difficult samples.

"This agreement was vital for our company as we expand into the Brazilian marketplace," said John Belechak, Chief Operating Officer and Forensic Line of Business Manager at ChemImage. "Teletronic has a great track record of helping companies establish themselves and build a strong presence in Brazil, and we are very happy to be working with them."

The agreement comes after the 22nd Congress of Criminology held in September of 2013 in Brasilia, Brazil. During the conference, ChemImage presented how HSI technology can be used for various forensic applications and exhibited its signature product, the HSI Examiner™ 200 QD, to demonstrate the systems enhanced hardware and software specifically designed for the examination of security features in banknotes, passports, visas, credit cards, tax stamps and other secure documents.

For more information on the ChemImage HSI Examiner™ product series' capabilities and options, contact Paul Raimondi, Forensic Sales Representative at: or visit

About ChemImage

ChemImage Corporation, a leader in hyperspectral and Raman chemical imaging technology, provides innovative instrumentation, analysis software, contract services and expert consulting to government, industrial and academic organizations. The company's proprietary, state-of-the-art imaging technology has many applications, including defense, security, pharmaceuticals, forensics and biomedical diagnostic research, which can reveal critical chemical and biological information from a variety of material systems.

ChemImage's headquarters are located in Pittsburgh, PA, where it carries out pioneering R&D, engineering and manufacturing activities to develop innovative products for the global marketplace.

About Teletronic

Established in 1995, Teletronic operates in sixteen states in Brazil and offers intelligent technological security solutions to public/governmental and private corporations.

With a team of highly qualified professionals to deliver projects in a fast and efficient manner, Teletronic commercializes laboratory and security equipment in Brazil.

Committed to providing excellence in service with installation, training, maintenance and technical assistance, as well as customized and tailored projects, Teletronic is constantly working to create innovative solutions that make business partners more profitable and maximize shareowner value.

Media Contact: Tifanie Tiberio, ChemImage Corportation, 412-241-7335,

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