Chef Remi Guides Their Customers To Invent Their Own Pizza!

Customers love making fresh pizza directly from their BBQ grills, but want advice on how to create the perfect combinations of toppings

PORTLAND, Ore., June 19, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Here in the US, more and more people are having a go at making their own fresh pizza, direct from their BBQ grill.

"Cooking a pizza directly on grates has always been difficult, as you can't be sure of even heat throughout the dough, which inevitably means you end up with parts of the dough burnt and overdone, whilst other parts remain chewy and uncooked."

The only way around this, until recently, has been to buy an expensive pizza stone.

But, with more and more people realizing how using a BBQ grill mat can add some serious versatility to the foods they cook on their barbecues, BBQ pizza is now turning into a craze.

Chef Remi is 100% committed to designing genuine quality kitchen tools to support busy parents that take the time to cook for their family.

"Most of us are aware of typical flavor combinations on pizza, such as ham and pineapple, spinach and ricotta etc. However, we know our customers are an adventurous lot, and many have asked for advice on building their own pizza creations."

"We've put together a pizza ingredients cheat sheet which all our customers can use to create their most delicious and unique pizza ever!

Which tomato sauce to use

How to use different cheeses to bring out the best in your pizza

Which toppings need pre-cooking, and which can be added raw

How to add that extra pizazz to your pizza after taking it off the grill."

"We want our customers to realize that you don't need a degree in culinary arts to create a unique pizza masterpiece!"

Chef Remi believes that families are the centerpiece of society, and communities are stronger when they sit down together, even if it's over a quick, wholesome meal. "We believe that every child deserves a home cooked meal with a family who loves them."

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