Chase credit card web site beats competitors in 14 out of 15 user experience metrics according to Change Sciences Group research

Google Advisor scores poorly for usability

NEW YORK, July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Today leading web researchers Change Sciences Group ( released all new data ranking credit web sites for usability, engagement, and conversion. Top credit card issuer Chase is the clear leader when it comes to the experience its web site provides people seeking a new credit card. It beats competitors in 14 out of 15 of the user experience metrics measured, and is strongest for its success rate, likelihood to be recommended, and the extent to which the site is engaging.


Chase's success is especially evident when compared to US Bank, American Express, and Citi on key metrics. For example, people were 26% more successful in finding a card that meets their needs on the Chase site than on the US Bank site,14% more engaged on the Chase site than on the American Express site, and 31% more likely to recommend Chase's site than Citi. Meanwhile, despite being trusted nearly as much as Chase, people were successful finding a card on Google Advisor only 20% of the time, compared to 87% of the time on "Trust, brand, and card offers alone do not predict a site's success with consumers. In order to win in a competitive marketplace like cards, cards executives need to measure user experience with the same rigor that they measure other aspects of their business," explains Steve Ellis, a Change Sciences founder.

The research is based on Change Sciences' Experience Cloud platform, which compares how people experience sites with competitors and with the best sites on the web. The top performers are easier to use, more engaging, and likelier to convert people overall. The bottom performers have usability problems, lack aspects of design that compel people to explore, and are the least likely among the group to convert prospects to customers.

The Experience Cloud platform makes it possible to identify patterns that engender trust and compel people to act. Without the Experience Cloud, decision-makers are often limited to their own internal data about user experience, which will not reveal whether a competitor's site is easier to use or more engaging, and, perhaps most importantly, will not say why. The Experience Cloud measures web sites more accurately than traditional surveys since it captures what people do while using sites not just what they say.

To learn more about the research visit and download our free report. The user experience of the following credit card brands are covered in the free report: Chase, Citi, Nerd Wallet,, Capital One, Fifth Third, MasterCard, Discover, Wells Fargo, PNC, Bank of America, BB&T, Visa, American Express, Google Advisor, US Bank, SunTrust, Barclay Card.

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