Charlton Carlos Lester Celebrates 15 Years With Omnitech Institute

Charlton Carlos Lester celebrates 15 years worth of achievements with Omnitech Institute, a technical school he founded in 1998.

TUCKER, Ga., Feb. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Charlton Carlos Lester is pleased to announce that he is currently celebrating 15 years with Omnitech Institute. Lester founded Omnitech in 1998 with the intention of creating a technical school that would educate adults in the community and prepare them for a tech-centric job market.

"When I first started Omnitech," says Charlton Carlos Lester, "I didn't know how things were going to turn out. There wasn't a lot of money to make things happen back then. I was working as a teacher, the school's President, and serving as the CEO. Some days I would have a couple of classes to teach, a board meeting, and then I'd have to run across town to talk to someone about securing more funding. Essentially, I was working around the clock seven days a week!"

Now, fifteen years later, Omnitech Institute is revered as one of the top technical institutes in the metro-Atlanta area. The school recently moved from Decatur, Georgia to Tucker, Georgia in order to expand facilities and reach more students.

"The staff at Omnitech all believe in one important thing: changing lives," says Charlton Carlos Lester. "Sometimes we have to move locations to do that; sometimes we have to add new programs that meet the interests of our students and the demands of the job market."

In terms of new programs, Omnitech recently created a revamped digital media program that incorporates skills and technologies in the fields of web design, IT networking, audio engineering, videography, and photography. "We're all very excited to see where this program carries the school," says Lester. Omnitech reviews new technology and studies often to keep their curriculum and course offerings up to date.

In addition to offering cutting edge technologies, Lester feels that Omnitech has stood out from the crowd over the last decade and a half by offering programs of interest to the community. "I believe an educational institution shouldn't just serve the enrolled students," says Charlton Carlos Lester. "A great educational institution reaches out into the community to support those who can't afford to take classes."

Omnitech Institute has been supporting the community in recent years by offering food drives, health screenings, and partnering with homeless shelters and battered women's shelters. The school also offers free study sessions and tutorage.

About: Charlton Carlos Lester is an educator, businessman, and entrepreneur. Over the years, he has served Omnitech as teacher, president, and CEO.

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