Cash Advance USA Announces Reorganization of Its Cash Advance Loans Customer Service Team, Expedites Response Time Over Eighty Percent

Providing timely customer service to customers requesting free cash advance loan quotes has always been a top priority. Cash Advance USA announced a 360 degree reorganization of its support team and an eighty percent improvement in response time.

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Faster response time to customer questions and issues has always been deal maker for customer service teams across various industries. Cash Advance USA took the initiative to the next level by reorganizing its support team, cutting the path to escalation points by nearly fifty percent, and delivering a remarkable improvement in response time.

In an official statement to the press, Cash Advance USA made the following announcement:

"A strong customer orientation has always been a primary objective for our cash advance loans support team. We were always on the forefront when it came to delivering a response to every client inquiry within twenty four hours. Now, we have taken our service orientation a step further. By cutting layers between first line support and escalation points, retraining our teams, developing new policies, and streamlining and expediting our internal systems and protocols, we are now able to cut down the response time to every inquiry from twenty four hours to less than a few hours. Considering the large volume of questions we receive every day, this dramatic reduction in response time is a strong benchmark for the cash advance loans industry to adopt."

Mark Miller, CEO of Cash Advance USA, has always been a fervent advocate of client-centric organizations and his recent initiative is guaranteed to expedite and streamline the time taken to address any issues customers may have. When customers are applying for a short term loan the last thing they would want is to wait for support teams to address their inquiries. Expediency is extremely important during times of financial emergencies. Cash Advance USA took the initiative, way back during its inception, to ensure every e-mail was answered within one business day, but now the company has taken their efforts a step further and minimized the wait to less than a few hours.

Amanda, who recently applied for a cash advance loan, needed help with a question on the online cash advance loan application. She was pleasantly surprised to receive a thorough answer from the support team at Cash Advance USA. "Customers apply for cash advance loans in times of emergencies. There is no time to wait for customer service teams to respond at their own leisure. We need a quick response and thankfully that is exactly what I received."

Cash Advance USA specializes in providing cash advance loans to consumers from various backgrounds and credit profiles. The company has been in existence for over ten years and has served tens of thousands of customers. The process invariably starts with a customer completing a simple, thirty-second cash advance loan application which is submitted by internal systems to lenders who would be a good match for the customer's profile and credit history. Within a very short period of time, free cash advance loan quotes are provided to the customer and funds can be accessed in as little as twenty four hours. Cash Advance USA works with reputed lenders to ensure that borrowers can obtain reliable service and a trusted pool of companies to work with.

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