California Cleantech Signs Deal to Provide Evaluation Units

The good news continues for Nitro-Turbodyne

VENICE, Calif., Feb. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The good news continues for cleantech start-up Nitro-Turbodyne of Venice, California. The company has announced that it has signed an agreement to provide Remote Instrumentation Power Generator Units (RIPGU) for evaluation to Unavco in Boulder, Colorado. Unavco is a non-profit consortium of 150 universities that facilitates geoscience research and education using geodesy.

"We are looking forward to testing our RIPGUs in some of the most remote of environments in the world -  through Unavco," stated Ed De Reyes, Chief Technology Officer and Acting CEO. "We've been working hard on completing the design and building the RIPGUs, as this application is a great testing ground for our tough, remote generators," he continued. The Unavco units will be custom-designed for their specific needs, but will incorporate Nitro-Turbodyne's patented liquid nitrogen (LN2) turbine. 

"Our motto is 'We go where no solar cell, fuel cell, windmill or motor dares to go'," De Reyes said. "Our turbine weighs only 5 pounds, has one moving part, and it will run continuously for thousands of hours without the need for lubrication, cooling or maintenance. Since it doesn't burn anything, it remains cool and quiet, and provides a continuous source of uninterrupted power. It can operate in environments that are too extreme for solar panels, windmills, batteries, fuel cells or internal combustion motors. It's ideal for environmentally sensitive areas, especially around the Arctic Circle," he said.

De Reyes said that in typical wells and bore sites, LN2 is readily available – in large quantities – and it is a perfect fuel for environmentally sensitive areas because it's derived from the air that we breathe. The LN2 is mixed with incoming air and flash expanded, driving the rear turbine and providing a continuous flow of high-speed air to a pump or generator. The process of flash expansion means that no combustion takes place, and therefore produces no greenhouse or harmful gases of any type. Flash expansion in the turbine also makes it much more efficient than turbines that convert from liquid to gas outside the turbine.

"This agreement (with Unavco) comes on the heels of (us) conducting a series of discussions with a manufacturer of large turbines - about the possibility of licensing our technology for use in other power production applications," De Reyes said, "and we're looking into the possibility of licensing our technology for larger, mid-sized power generation applications as well," he continued.

According to De Reyes, the RIPGU can run continuously for over 70,000 hours – and is designed to run in environments where it's too cold for batteries to store energy or fuel cells to work - or where there isn't enough sun for solar cells in the winter or there is either too little or too much wind for windmills. In warmer climates, said De Reyes, solar panels, windmills, batteries, fuel cells and gasoline/diesel generators are pilfered as quickly as they're installed.

"One of the biggest advantages that we have over any other type of power generation unit the fact that it doesn't matter what weather is like outside - where the RIPGU will be operating. Our units are designed to use fuel that is readily available at well sites – and that makes them an unlikely target for pilferage. We don't use batteries to store energy, because power is constantly being produced, and batteries freeze easily in Arctic environments. With LN2 running about $0.30 per gallon in bulk, you save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the RIPGU when compared to other technologies," said De Reyes.

Nitro-Turbodyne, Inc. is a start-up green technology company located in Venice, California with a laboratory facility located at the Camarillo, California airport. Nitro-Turbodyne's  LN2 motor has been selected as the winner of several international technology awards, and most recently was chosen to continue to the second round of competition in the Nova Scotia Cleantech Open on December 15, 2011. Nitro-Turbodyne is continuing to develop the liquid nitrogen motor for broad applications in harsh/remote power generation, remote instrumentation, transportation and industrial uses.

"We'll be presenting our company at the Nova Scotia Cleantech in mid-February, so this agreement with Unavco is just the news we need to sweep the competition," said De Reyes.

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