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TULSA, Okla., April 2, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- In a recent review on America's comedy review site of record,, writer Alex Schildgen says of, "these guys are giving people what they really want in news."  That is to say, on Broken World News you'll read about a pig that is desperately trying to learn to speak as the slaughterhouse date draws near, or how following his recent visit to Israel, President Obama was suspected of stealing 1000s of guns from Israeli citizens.  The writers at Broken World News never draw a clear line between the truth and fiction, aside from a disclaimer that informs readers that if they believe any of it, they are morons.


Launched in March 2013, Broken World News is the product of mastermind and Editor-In-Chief, Sal Kingfisher, author of the acclaimed novella, Easy Street.  Kingfisher started his career in news satire as a contributor at The Final Edition, where his work appeared alongside that of comedy veterans Tony Hendra and Jeff Kreisler, along with writers from The Daily Show, Conan, Letterman and more.

"There's so much talent at The Final Edition that it's tough to stand out," says Kingfisher, "So I figured launching my own site would be easier than actually working to get better.  And I was right." 

The reception so far indicates that Kingfisher definitely was right.  The site is updated daily with new stories that range from the topical to just plain outrageous, while usually staying close enough to plausible to make readers wonder if they're true.  A recent story about indicating that President Obama first came to the US 25 years ago was widely shared on social media by Obama bashers as proof he has lied about where he was born. 

"We're not in competition with anyone," says Kingfisher, "The big guys like The Onion and The Final Edition have nothing to worry about, trust me.  We're just trying to add some flavor to the punch, maybe put a smile on some faces.  And perhaps a frown on some others." 

Kingfisher proves this by continuing to contribute to The Final Edition while working hard at making Broken World News an online destination for satire and parody lovers.  If the initial reviews are any indication, he's well on his way.  As Schildgen writes in his review, " is the perfect site for you to have a reliable influx of non-factual information."

Sal Kingfisher can be found on Twitter @fisherkingarmy where he tweets daily updates to the site.  

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