Broadway Auto Credit guides Green Bay drivers in making realistic budgets

Green Bay drivers take control of their finances with realistic budgeting tips from Broadway Auto Credit

GREEN BAY, Wis., Oct. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Establishing a budget is one of the best ways for people to control their finances and monitor their spending. Something as simple as documenting buying habits allows people to strengthen their financial future by identifying areas of wasteful spending and unnecessary debt. Broadway Auto Credit hopes to help Green Bay drivers create reasonable budgets that make it possible to live comfortably and plan for exciting future expenses like a new home or a new car. 


To create a realistic budget drivers must first establish and record their monthly expenses by saving receipts or writing down each expense. Including the date, price and description of the purchase will help make organization much easier and allow drivers to estimate how much is spent each month. Next, divide expenses into categories and subcategories. For example, bills can be broken down into rent, loans, utilities, credit card, etc. 

Break the list down even further by essentials and non-essentials. This will make prioritizing a lot easier and allows drivers to clearly see where some expenses can be reduced or eliminated. Note the areas in the list that can be cut back. Add up budget essentials and non-essentials separately, then subtract the total essentials from the monthly income. With any money left over drivers can subtract non-essentials to get an idea of what can be spent on leisure or entertainment. If there is little money left over consider cutting back on those items to leave room for savings or investments. 

The best way to ensure a budget works is to leave room for some fun. If there isn't anything to look forward to the likeliness of sticking to a budget is slim. Drivers must be honest about their spending habits in order to establish a monthly budget that works best for their lifestyle.

Implementing smart spending habits will allow for a more secure financial future. For more information on how to set a budget, contact Broadway Auto Credit in Green Bay, WI today.

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