Breaking News: KnowBe4 Launches New Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course to Protect Consumers from Cybercrime

KnowBe4, LLC has launched an Internet security training program in collaboration with former hacker Kevin Mitnick, to bring their business training to consumers—available to purchase through KnowBe4.

CLEARWATER, Fla., April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- When someone receives an email from a relative saying they are in trouble and desperate for help, most likely the recipient would open the email.  This is just one clever tactic that cybercriminals use to hack into a personal home computer.  The new "Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course," an at-home companion product to KnowBe4's business security awareness training, will help to keep families safe online.


Today, cybercriminals are not just hacking into companies' computers to steal millions of dollars and private information; they are also targeting home computers—and succeeding, simply through one click on a malicious link.  According to a Trend Micro report, 94% of targeted emails use malicious file attachments as the harmful source payload or infection source. (1)

Stu Sjouwerman, CEO and founder of KnowBe4, has been in the IT industry since 1979, and helped establish Sunbelt International, known for its development of VIPRE Antivirus Software.  Sunbelt was sold in 2010 to GFI, a software company backed by Insight Partners, a $3 billion venture fund. Having seen the dangers of cybercrime first-hand for the past 30-plus years, Sjouwerman turned right around and founded KnowBe4, a business dedicated to enlightening employees on how to protect themselves from becoming victims of a cyberattacks.

Sjouwerman soon realized that the only way to protect people against hackers is to get into the mindset of a hacker, which led to the creation of Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training (KMSAT) for enterprises. Kevin Mitnick, Sjouwerman's business partner, gained notoriety as a highly skilled hacker who penetrated some of the largest computer networks. Today, Mitnick is renowned as an information security consultant and speaker, utilizing his over 30 years of hacker experience.

Sjouwerman's latest development was when he discovered that security awareness training was needed to protect not only businesses, but keep families safe online as well.  The software service is designed for consumers and features:

  • A browser-based interactive course created in 2013—updated to reflect recent scams;
  • 8 sections using real-life case studies that show how someone got in trouble using the Internet, and what you need to do to stay safe;
  • Each section has a live Kevin Mitnick video with security do's and don'ts, and each section has a fun "security check" quiz at the end.

The 8 topics the course covers are: Passwords, Giving out Personal Information, Online Banking, Protecting Children Online, Protecting your Identity, Securing your Computer and Home Network, Spam viruses and more, and Opening email and attachment—with the latest information on cybercrime in each section.

"Criminals are finding new ways to find passwords, steal identities and rob personal online bank accounts, which can cost someone thousands of dollars and violate  their sense of privacy," Sjouwerman said.  "People are unaware of the different tools and techniques available to keep information safe on the Internet, and that's why we wanted to provide every family with the proper training to stay safe online."

The initial introduction of the Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course was done as part of a bundle with the VIPRE Antivirus product.  It is being sold on the Home Shopping Network HSN (start date Saturday Feb 2, 2013) with initial sales reaching 26,000 units the first day. HSN ranks as one of the most improved online retailers, according to an annual customer satisfaction survey. (2)

To purchase VIPRE Internet Security Training by Kevin Mitnick visit  To purchase the Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Training, visit:

To view Sjouwerman's interview on CBS regarding cybercrime, visit

About Stu Sjouwerman and KnowBe4

Stu Sjouwerman is the founder and CEO of KnowBe4, LLC, which provides web-based Internet Security Awareness Training (ISAT) to small and medium-sized enterprises.  A data security expert with more than 30 years in the IT industry, Sjouwerman was the co‑founder of Inc. 500 company Sunbelt Software, an award-winning anti-malware software company that he and his partner sold to GFI Software in 2010.  Realizing that the human element of security was being seriously neglected, Sjouwerman decided to help entrepreneurs tackle cybercrime tactics through advanced security awareness training.  He and his team in KNowBe4 work with companies in many different industries, including highly-regulated fields such as healthcare, finance and insurance.  Sjouwerman is the author of four books, with his latest being Cyberheist:  The Biggest Financial Threat Facing American Businesses Since the Meltdown of 2008.  Visit or

(1)  Savvas, Anthony.  November 2012.  "91% of cyberattacks begin with spear phishing email",

(2)  December 27, 2012.  "HSN ranks as top improved online retailer, says 2012 customer satisfaction survey."

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