Book Release: Business, Process, and Technology Insights Of Ian Roseman

Q3 2012 to Q2 2013


MANALAPAN, N. J., June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Ian Roseman has predicted opportunities in business and technology, and has provided tangible threads of progression in his new book, "Business, Process, and Technology Insights".  In addition, Ian has reviewed existing business models and technologies, and has provided a current state and possible future states of these systems.  Ian is in the unique position of being in the technology industry for 20+ years, where he developed contacts, as well as knowledge within several vertical markets including E-commerce with high volume transactions, leveraging Cloud and Mobile Solutions.  Ian has also worked in the financial industry in Equities, Equity Research, Investment Banking and Wealth Management.  He was recognized for his accolades and asked to participate in Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) sponsored conference, Scientists Helping America (SHA).  Ian has also worked for the Associated Press helping to bring high definition video on demand and HD live news distribution to their clients.  Finally, Ian has worked for middleware software companies where he has a broad understanding of data warehousing and business intelligence, leveraging Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and MS SQL Server. Ian has dove into the cloud arena with Microsoft's Azure solution as well as Amazon Web Services.  With this broad depth of knowledge, including Artificial Intelligence systems, Ian brings you a world of knowledge, where trends have originated, where they are going, and why.  


Ian touches on major Technologies and Business models of companies, and the book also includes posts which he has collected from his Blog, which has been seen by over a half million people, in over 250 world cities, in 130+ countries.

  • The book contains the following articles:
  • The Addition, The Thinker: Compute Processing and the Human Condition
  • Mobile User Interface: Heat Map will focus users' attention to their priorities
  • A Scrum Master Viewpoint: The Art of Playing the Hand You are Dealt
  • EMC's Documentum Competition for Google Docs in the Saas space?
  • Google+ Transforms the Single Sign On to the Next Internet Portal
  • Raspberry Pi Streaming Verses Amazon Instant Video, Apple / Google TV, and Netflix.
  • Kids, Shut Off the Lights!  Remember to Use Your NFC Bracelets
  • Hotspot Companies Sell Smartphone & Data Plans, use Affiliate Networking to fill Gaps
  • Google Glasses for Dynamic Language, and Local Gesture Translation, and Let the Deaf be 'Heard'
  • Predicting Trends for the Coming Year 2013
  • Google Glass Sportswear Improves Soccer Scoring Percentages
  • Big Data Creates Opportunities for Retail Vendors through Affinity Collective Marketing
  • Increasing RAM on an Android OS to Limitless Computing Capacity
  • Business Intelligence, Analogies, and Articulation of Data on Mediums
  • NFC Replaces Secure Digital Memory for Data Transfer in Art Galleries?
  • Viewers can tweet when watching recorded shows on DVR if Opt-in for Stats: Improving Nielsen, Social Guide Solution
  • Google is Going to be the Next Public and Private Data Warehouse
  • Upbeat Music Sales Increases with Innovation & Cross Selling
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence Whiteboard Prototype Potential
  • Reduce your Monthly Mobile Costs with a Mobile OS Affinity Credit Card?
  • Tweet Event Hashtag, Streaming video: Your Own Video Network and Ad Revenue
  • Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Articles from 2013 show.
  • Ride the Near Field Communications Wave
  • Our Mind's Eye Stream for Sale:  Who will Own those Portals?
  • Concept to eBay sale: Use a 3D Printer to produce your imagination.
  • Is Petabyte transfer a Commodity to be traded on Open Markets?
  • Best Password Encryption, Tight as a Singularity.
  • And much, much more.

This book can be purchased in paperback form on Amazon.

A Kindle version of this book is also available on Amazon.

Media Contact: Ian Roseman, Roseman Solutions, 732-513-3965,

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