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QUEEN CREEK, Ariz., Feb. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Learning How To Calculate BMI Could Be The Tool People Need To Kick Start A Healthier Lifestyle

Based on a person's height and weight, professionals often make use of a BMI chart to evaluate whether they are overweight or at risk for being overweight. We live in a world where it is time to realize that an excess of weight and fat could lead to serious health complications - it is no longer just about appearance.

BMI Calculator.TV, assists people in discovering the truth about weight loss and body mass index. It is also home to a BMI calculator that visitors may use free of charge. A healthy body is something we all have a right to and it is most certainly something we should strive for. The page owner at aims to provide people with the information, skills and knowledge they need to understand their bodies and to make relevant changes in their lifestyles where necessary.

Whenever free health and weight loss tools are available, internet users should jump at the chance to make good use of them. This is the best way to take complete control of one's own life instead of sitting back and letting life happen. Calculating BMI is more important than people realize, as it offers a look into what is actually going on with a person's body.

Understanding the BMI Calculator

Using the free online tool is all good and well. However, it is important to understand how the tool works. The mathematical formula used to calculate BMI is fairly simple: weight in pounds divided by twice one's height in inches multiplied by 703. The resulting number allows one to figure out where they fall on the BMI scale.

A normal weight is considered to be between 18.5 and 25. Anything under that is considered underweight while anything over that is considered overweight. A little common sense is all that is needed to discover just how over- or underweight one is. This website is filled with information that enables users to learn more about their body mass index and where they fall on the scale.

It should come as no surprise that medical professionals across the globe make use of a BMI chart to determine the body mass index of their patients. More often than not, this is the best way to discover whether a person is under- or overweight and to provide them with constructive feedback on potential lifestyle changes. Because doctors have access to a person's medical history, they have the ability to predict whether or not a particular person's BMI will lead to more serious health risks.

Essentially, the higher the weight to height ratio is, the more overweight a person is likely to be. There are some differences between men and women on the BMI chart, though they only differ by a fraction.

BMI is Important but There is More

Using a BMI chart or BMI calculator is an important step towards figuring out whether or not one is overweight. However, it is important to realize that these calculations are only as reliable as the information that is given. While a person's weight may seem normal, there is a chance that there is more fat than muscle, which is just as unhealthy as being overweight. In the same breath, there are people whose BMI is quite high but who actually have muscle in the place of fat. For this reason it is always a good idea to consult a personal trainer or physician to have them give their final word on the matter.

Trainers and physicians have access to other charts and tools that enable them to discover what a person's physical fat percentage is. The belly, upper arms and thigh areas often provide an indication of where weight needs to be lost. By loosely pinching the flesh there, one is able to measure the amount of fat versus muscle. Generally, this sort of test can be done at a gym where personal trainers are able to provide more information and perhaps even provide a healthy exercise routine that will help to achieve and maintain a person's goal weight.

Learning to calculate BMI, irrespective of the few flaws, is an amazing skill for people with short term dieting and weight loss goals. Use the BMI calculator at the beginning of the weight loss period and again half way and at the end. Make sure to have a clean diet and incorporate regular exercise. As far as losing weight goes, aim to do more cardio than weight training. If you do use weights, aim for sets with a lower weight but higher number of repetitions.

The website is filled with information regarding weight training and cardio, as well as some tips on getting the most out of a workout. When compiling a diet and exercise routine, it is important to gather as much information as possible before making a commitment that one cannot adhere to.

Take Advantage of the No Cost BMI Calculator

Taking the time to calculate BMI with a chart and mathematical formula can be frustrating and time consuming. The free online calculator offers a fuss-free way to discover one's BMI. After finding their number, visitors to the site can take some time to poke around and read up on ways to lose weight, maintain their goal weight and jump start their healthier lifestyle. Go to: for articles on juicing, children's BMI, BMI in women and men, and exercising are available for perusal.

Users should note, however, that while a BMI calculator is certainly a useful tool, it is still important to go for regular checkups with a qualified physician. Not only do these professionals know how to calculate your BMI, but they are also better equipped to interpret the results provided by a BMI chart. They will make use of other tests to determine their patient's overall health and make recommendations to keep you fit and healthy. For Additional Information go to:  

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