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SAN DIEGO, June 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- is a borrower advice website that has become a trusted destination for current news and expert loan advice. The website strives to empower borrowers with first class knowledge, valuable resources and connections to the top rated industry professionals. The website is dedicated to giving a fresh and unique way of informing their readers on the numerous home planning and mortgage hacks through their up-to-date articles and guides as seen in one of the newer articles titled "Home Buyer Protection Plan (Cover Your ASSets)." Using this guide, readers can shape up the best home buyer protection plan on their own without going through the hassle of having additional reconstruction fees sneaking up on them.

As this new article states, buying a home is just one of the few things to worry about when making an investment in a home – major repair bills that might be a huge factor too. Fortunately, the article also points out that there is a solution to this in the form of a home warranty. A home warranty can help aid in a protection plan when trying to make a repair overhaul on many items in a newly purchased home. Loan Love goes into further detail by saying:

"A home warranty is essentially a one-year residential services contract that covers repair or replacement of the components of your home's most important operating systems and appliances if they fail due to normal wear and tear.

There are benefits to both buyer and seller. The seller has the assurance of knowing he or she is not going to be getting phone calls from angry buyers who have had to sink money into repairs and replacements of major systems in the home just sold.

As a buyer, your benefits are obvious: you can move in with peace of mind, knowing the cost of any possible major repairs with most of your home's systems are covered.

Home buyer protection plans

vary, but typically they operate by covering costs when certain repairs are needed for a home system or appliance."

The home warranty can cover a wide range of items including electrical systems, ovens, dishwashers and even ceiling fans. Whenever a repair is necessary, the home owner or home warranty company will contact a service company and in turn, the service company will make all the necessary repairs. Unlike a typical repair however, the costs are already covered from a home buyer protection plan. Home buyers do not have to worry about additional costs if the home appliance is specifically covered in the warranty.

Home buyers should take note that not all items will be covered in a home warranty. Just like many other different home plans, potential home buyers should speak with their real estate agent to see which items are covered before going through with a home buyer protection plan. As the article mentions:

"Home buyer protection plans vary from one location to the next, and from one provider to the next. But there are certain items that end up on a list of exceptions to coverage more often than others, including:

  • Outdoor items, such as sprinklers and lamp posts
  • Spa or pools, unless specifically spelled out as covered
  • Certain faucet repairs
  • Permit fees and other non-system costs

You may also find that certain appliances are not included in your warranty, such as washer and dryer or garage door opener. Read your coverage carefully and consider adding coverage for any uncovered item you think could cause problems.

Also, keep in mind that payment can be denied for an appliance or system that would otherwise be covered, due to improper maintenance, faulty installation, unusual wear and tear, and code violations."

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