Bertrand Russell Steps into the E-Cigarette Debate

Leading review site uses philosopher's "Teapot" argument to defend e-cigs

TUSTIN, Calif., April 8, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- An article on E Cigarette Reviewed has evoked a famous philosophical argument to highlight the flaws in the arguments of those opposed to the technology. The website looks at the anti-e-cigarette campaign through the logical lens of "Russell's Teapot." The article argues that since current research shows that e-cigarettes are much safer than smoking, anybody claiming otherwise needs extraordinary supporting evidence in order to be taken seriously.

Electronic cigarettes are nicotine inhalation devices, which vaporize a liquid solution composed of nicotine, propylene glycol and FDA-approved food flavourings to simulate the action of smoking. This handful of chemicals compares to the thousands which have been identified in tobacco smoke.

Russell's Teapot is an analogy which states that there is no way of knowing that a teapot which is too small to be detected by our current telescopes is orbiting the Sun between the Earth and Mars.

The analogy is used to show the problems with unfalsifiable claims and more importantly, where the burden of proof lies. Russell argued that those who make extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and E Cigarette Reviewed applies this line of reasoning to the e-cigarette debate, dramatically broadening its scope. The site is a trusted source of information and reviews for those in the electronic cigarette community, and regularly calls for an evidence-based approach to the new technology.

Since electronic cigarettes have been shown in research to be much safer than traditional cigarettes and common sense would lead anyone to assume they are, the website argues that any claim otherwise is by definition extraordinary.

The article goes on to point out that although anti-smoking groups, organizations like the FDA and pharmaceutical companies are keen to point out the potential dangers of e-cigarettes, they don't provide substantial evidence to back up their claims. Whilst researchers like Michael Siegel and Carl V. Philips fight continuously to defend the obvious truth, the opposition present only unsupported or unfalsifiable nonsense, just like Russell's celestial teapot.

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