Be "All About That Bass"--Not About Chafing! Look to Smoovall

For women, being curvaceous with a generous booty has become its own fashion statement. But, along with the look can come chafing, a real problem that rubs women the wrong way.

TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Perhaps Meghan Trainor said it best with her hit song "All About That Bass." It certainly echoed with millions of women around the world for whom being curvaceous is not a problem but, in fact, its own incredible fashion statement. This is aptly demonstrated by Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress Chrissy Metz (NBC's "This Is Us"). But being a voluptuous woman can also bring the annoying and often painful condition of skin chafing—the result of skin rubbing against skin or clothing1. Chafing can occur anywhere on a woman's body, but particularly vulnerable are the areas such as ones' thighs, groin and underarm. Skin Contact Spray by Smoovall presents a highly effective solution to this condition, eliminating it with a single spray.

"Plus size women today certainly present themselves in a beautiful way," said Reginald Ofori, Managing Director and Founder of Sensineer, maker of anti-skin chafing solution Smoovall. "But chafing can unnecessarily be an embarrassing and incredibly uncomfortable detriment to that beauty—it really means being rubbed the wrong way! Women deserve a fast, easy and effective solution to this issue, so that revealing fashions or athletic wear can be worn with no worries."

Medically, there are several remedies that can help prevent chafing.  Depending on the exact cause of the skin irritation some may work differently than others:

1. Staying dry—Continuing to wear sweaty or wet clothing can cause chafing to accelerate.1 

2. Lubricating—By applying some sort of lubricant to the "at risk" areas, the friction caused by skin-to-skin contact will be reduced and skin will remain clear.1

3. Proper clothing—For people looking to lose some of that winter or holiday weight, dressing appropriately when exercising can go a long way towards preventing chafing.  Wear properly fitted clothes that absorb moisture well such as compression shorts and moisture-wicking fabric.1

"While both men and women can attempt to prevent chafing all they want, the reality is sometimes it just happens," Ofori explains. "This kind of pain certainly does not discriminate: males and females of any kind of build can all hurt. Also for athletes such as runners and cyclists, it is important to implement preventative measures. By eliminating the issue before it occurs, women can comfortable and freely wear all types of dresses and skirts with no concerns of a rash showing."

As Meghan Trainor said, the Barbie doll stick-figure look is no longer socially expected, and plus size women have made being beautiful look easy. Chafing is the unfortunate side-effect to that look and is not something to be ashamed of.

Smoovall is a non-sticky, easy-to-apply spray formula; the user simply shakes, sprays and is ready to go. The skin is protected 30 seconds after the spray is applied, and the invisible protective layer lasts up to 4 hours preventing chafing as a result of skin-to-skin contact as well as skin-to-fabric friction in areas such as the groin, thighs, buttocks, chest and shoulders. For more information on Smoovall please visit

About Sensineer and Smoovall:

Sensineer, founded by Managing Director Reginald Ofori, develops & commercializes its own proprietary range of personal care products, for niche international markets. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the company was founded in early 2016.

Their signature product, Smoovall, is a proven, patented aerosol product designed to stop both skin-to-skin and skin-to-clothing chafing. Prior to the arrival of Smoovall, solutions to chafing included wearing tight shorts under dresses, elastic bands, and messy creams and powders. But nothing really worked (at least not without too much of an inconvenience). The aerosol application of Smoovall has been widely acclaimed by both skirt/dress wearing women of all (body) types and athletes.

Sensineer is bringing Smoovall to the US, entering the market, with their superior products and edgy, tongue-in-cheek marketing.

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