BatteryPlex Announces New AGM Battery Specials

In Addition to Receiving the Best Prices on Replacement Batteries and Other Types of Batteries, BatteryPlex Customers Can Now Save Money With New Specials on Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries.

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., April 30, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- An AGM battery, otherwise known as an absorbed glass mat battery, is a type of sealed battery that offers many benefits to the user. It is a rechargeable model that uses lead acid, but it is fully sealed so that it will not leak or spill. These batteries are designed to provide long-lasting use, and they are available in a variety of models for a wide range of products. For example, they may be found in models like the 12 volt 5 AH, the 12 volt, 9 AH and others. For those who are shopping for the best selection of AGM batteries at the lowest prices, BatteryPlex is the ideal online resource to use. Recently, the company has announced great specials on these batteries so that shoppers can save money on their purchase of replacement batteries. 

The Benefits of AGM Batteries
Through BatteryPlex, shoppers can find a wide range of AGM battery models available, and this makes it easy to find the right model for a specific need. The fact is that many other models of batteries are known to leak over time, and this can cause corrosion and even the destruction of the product that the battery is powering. These batteries are also designed to withstand damage from impact and force. This is a common cause of batteries dying before their useful life has expired. Because these batteries are designed to withstand damage from impact, they may have a longer life in regular use than other models.

Finding the Right Battery
Those who are shopping for an AGM battery will find that it is easiest to shop for the battery online through BatteryPlex. When shoppers visit local stores to shop for batteries, the selection of AGM batteries is generally limited, and it can be a challenge to find the exact style of battery that is needed for the specific product that needs a replacement battery. When shopping online with BatteryPlex, however, the shopper can simply use the easy search function to locate the right battery model. There is no need to scour dozens of battery models when shoppers use the convenient BatteryPlex search feature. 

A Great Deal
While BatteryPlex makes it simple and easy to find the right battery for a specific need, the company also makes it easy to get a great deal on the battery that is needed. The company offers everyday low prices on all of its products, and it also has recently announced specials on AGM batteries for additional savings. These specials may help shoppers save money on replacement batteries for wheelchairs, cordless phones, scooters and a variety of other products. All orders are shipped quickly without delay to ensure minimal wait time. When customers order a replacement battery through BatteryPlex, they can rest assured that they will get the battery they need at an affordable price and without delay.  

Finding the right replacement battery for a specific product can be a challenge, and it can be even more of a challenge to find that model of battery at a great price. BatteryPlex has been the go-to source that many people have been using for all of their battery replacement needs for years because they offer an amazing selection of batteries at great prices. Now, with the new AGM battery specials available, customers can enjoy even greater savings. Customers seeking more information on replacing batteries for appliances or other machinery can call (954) 247-8798 to speak to a representative, or visit the company's website at  

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