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LONDON, Nov. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- London, United Kingdom-October 30th 2013., one of the most recognized international leaders in stocking laptop batteries, adapters, cell phone power bank and associated accessories is happy to announce the new methods of extending Dell Laptop Batteries lives. Special commitment to customer satisfaction made the seller to link with several laptop manufacturers and laptop power systems engineers to establish new methods of extending battery lives. The results are major breakthroughs that will make your battery last longer when working off the mains and further extend its life.


CEO of expressed the delight about the new information because it is what many clients have been seeking about their laptop batteries. By understanding and adopting the new methods, battery owners will now be able to carry many assignments even away from the mains without worrying the laptops will die off.

New Methods to Extend the Laptop Battery Life

* Condition the battery once every month: Many laptop batteries such as Dell Latitude D630 Battery are made of cells and Li-Ions that continue wearing and tearing down with time. Conditioning the battery was proven during the research to refresh the cells and Li-Ions making them to hold power for longer. A monthly conditioning will make the battery life to extend with about 30%.

* Remove the battery and store separately: When laptops are kept for long without being used, the charge on the battery is slowly lost. To avoid stressing and damaging the cells and Li-Ions, the research team found that batteries stored separately from the laptops were able to store charge for longer when the owners started using them.

* Run the laptop direct from the mains or car system: When working close to the mains or on the car, remove the battery and plug the laptop using the ordinary

laptop chargers


laptop car adapter

. This will enable you to complete part of your work and reserving the battery for the main activity.

What to do when battery life starts declining

* Observe the characteristics of the decline: The first thing for clients to do is make sure to understand the nature of laptop batteries lives decline. If the decline occurs when running heavy applications, the problem can be resolved by avoiding simultaneous heavy applications.

 * Reach the manufacturer: Manufacturers of laptop batteries understand how their products are supposed to behave after purchase and use over time. It is important for the user to reach the manufacturer and explain the details of battery deterioration. It is important for laptop users to understand that not all problems demand replacement for your battery. The manufacturer will tell you the best course of action to take.


* Visit the point of sale: not only stock different batteries and laptop chargers, but maintains updated information on assisting clients. The seller has experts with wide experience about laptop batteries and how to tell whether it is time to purchase a replacement. Clients can reach the seller at the business website for similar information and any other associated query.

Information about is a renowned international leader in stocking high quality laptop batteries, laptop chargers and associated accessories. The shop also focuses on target research to establish new methods of raising clients' value. For more information, laptop battery, laptop chargers and associated accessories, make sure to visit

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