Automobile Safety Foundation Rolls Out: The Copilot Driver License

The ASF introduces revolutionary new approach to driving safety and driver distraction avoidance

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The World Bank reports that last year over a million people died in auto accidents, and another two million were seriously injured.  With the turn of the century and modern technology came the high incidence of accidents caused by cell phone use while driving. Though the driving public has been made aware of the dangers and laws regarding cell phone use while driving, they have heard little about the many other "driver distractions" and most importantly new driving safety insight that helps prevent them.


The increase in driver distractions has reached an international crisis level that necessitates the need to educate the driving public on the importance of road concentration, and the driver distraction avoidance. Addressing this crisis, ASF (a twenty five year old non-profit organization introduced the missing driver know how link with the precept, "the science of road concentration" as the key to safe driving, while including the warning, "the enemy of this concentration is driver distraction," the two big do's and don't's of safe driving.

Eyes on the Road/Hands on the Wheel is the first lesson:

Copilot License, the new course:

Driver distraction is not a new phenomenon, as it has always existed in the form of passenger distraction as well as a variety of other human distractions, that greatly increased with the advent of modern technological devices. The discipline required for a driver to sustain uninterrupted road concentration is an extremely difficult challenge, and therefore like any major challenge, the difficulty needs to be recognized and understood to be appropriately addressed. This new and important driving training has just begun to be recognized and addressed by licensing authorities.

ASF believes that all international licensing agencies from U.S. State DMV, to Ministries of Transportation and licensing bureaus in all countries worldwide, offer driving education about the science of road concentration, and the elimination of driver distraction. To this end, ASF has contacted the fifty US state DMV headquarters, as well as international licensing bureaus, proposing the implementation of the Copilot Drivers License Program or its main written information worldwide (please contact ASF about copyrights). Included in this new training is the ASF precaution about putting a young teen with a driving permit behind the wheel without at least one year of practicing road concentration as a vehicle passenger, and with the enormity of the task of increasing road concentration and eliminating driving distraction applying to everyone, ASF additionally seeks partners and interested parties with sincere concerns for auto safety, to help network the CL message with new communications methods such as phone apps and computer technology.

The CL (abbreviated so as not to be confused with CDL commercial driver license) driving program has many benefits:

  • CL provides increased road concentration that aids safety and decreases accidents.
  • CL helps stop driver distractions.
  • CL teaches drivers the science of road concentration, emphasizing its importance.
  • CL offers a new licensing revenue stream for government agencies and participating organizations or companies from small licensing fees.

The "co" prefix means working together, i.e."cooperation." People love their teams and teaming, so when it comes to driver copiloting it is an all win practice. As worldwide licensing authorities consider new licensing prospects, and ASF considers new communication methods, ASF asks everyone to spread the word to family, friends and employees since the CL information can easily be memorized or emailed. Help make the world a safer place. Join the "Team for Auto Safety!"

Media Contact: Will West, Automobile Safety Foundation, (858) 834-4345,

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