AUTOcyb: LA Auto Show FASTPITCH and Driving Freedom Crowd-Funding Campaign

Innovative device safeguards access to in-vehicle electronics networks.

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C., Nov. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Finally, somebody is doing something for you - a vehicle owner or motorist who probably does not even realize that your electronics-intensive car or light truck has the automotive equivalent of an airplane's 'black box' called an event data recorder (EDR), and there is no off-switch. 


Airmika, Inc., a North Carolina auto/tech startup will fast their innovative cyber security product, the AUTOcyb™ at the Connected Car Expo of the LA Auto Show on November 19th, 2013. 

In conjunction with the LA Auto Show they launched a global CAR 'BLACK BOX' DRIVING FREEDOM crowd-funding campaign via to export globally to 190 countries.  The objective of the campaign is to raise funds to manufacture and market more units.  Donors will receive a product as a perk.

The AUTOcyb™ was a 2013 Technovation Selectee in the at Consumers Electronics CEweek in NYC. 

It is a vehicle connector lockout, U.S. patented with other patents and registered marks pending. It's also a globally standardized Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) platform technology.

The concept is that when consumers drive off the lot with a new car, they own more than just the vehicle; they own the information their vehicle generates and stores.  One cannot turn-off, disable, or remove a vehicle's event data recorder / black box. However, AIRMIKA, Inc. believes everyone should control access to this data to prevent tampering and misuse. Their solution to do so is a connector lockout.

Congress and federal regulators have failed to provide essential consumer protection for vehicle owners or motorists.  Fourteen state statutes vary widely, so it's really up to vehicle owners and motorists to protect their driving freedom.

The AUTOcyb™ is designed for post-1996 light vehicles (cars and light trucks) that contain a Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC), it simply attaches to the vehicle's DLC to protect the security, integrity and authenticity of data.  It also helps to prevent auto theft by blocking the interface port that thieves use to alter the vehicle identification number (VIN).

It's available online on and or at and ships in the USA for approximately $33-35 via USPS ® first class.  Globally, it ships anywhere USPS ® International First Class Package delivers for $43 per unit.

Media Contact: Tom Kowalick at AIRMIKA, INC., 910-246-8099 or

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Media Contact: Thomas M. Kowalick, AIRMIKA, INC., 910-246-8099,

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