Author Lori Bassarab Reveals How She's Thin

Book "Secrets from a Size Zero" by Lori Bassarab gives the scope

NEW YORK, March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Lori Bassarab, author of "Secrets from a Size Zero" has decided to share her secrets on thinness in this book.  Initially she wasn't sure if she wanted to share her knowledge on the subject, but then was convinced that not helping others when you can is bad karma.  As she put it, "Everyone in the world is good at something and you can either take that knowledge and keep it for yourself letting it only benefit you or you can foster the growth of other people by sharing your expertise."


Ms. Bassarab, as a size zero herself, knows what she does to be one and has outlined what it takes in the book, "Secrets from a Size Zero." Unlike many other pound-dropping solutions, this book isn't asking to eliminate a food group or become reliant on a pill, it is instead much more practical in that it provides solutions on how to become a thinner version of yourself.  

Ms.Bassarab said, "When trying to lose weight, if you opt for a 3-day diet of specific foods or just having juice or whatever the case may be, that is how long the weight-loss will be and that will wreak havoc on your metabolism and though short-term your number on the scale might be lower, in the long-term you'll probably end up weighing more.  You need to be practical about these things.  Having a low number on the scale isn't about popping pills or drinking shakes, it's about good behaviours.  When you follow the suggestions in my book you will notice improvements quickly and the best part is these will last and you won't be reliant on anything else.  You will have all the tools at your disposal."

Many diet books are written by doctors or experts in a particular field, but if thinness is truly the goal it is infinitely better to go with someone who is an expert in that.  When going to the dentist no one would seek an expert in law and it's not any different with this or anything else.  Ms. Bassarab has a track record of being very thin and of losing a lot of weight when she gained it her freshman year; which makes her able to effortlessly convey what to do for people of any weight.  As she mentioned, "My book isn't just for people wanting to be size zero, it is recommended for anyone wanting to weigh less than they do currently, and you might surprise yourself just because you don't weigh or look a certain way now, doesn't mean that you never will."

Thinness is something strived for by many people - it is often a deal-breaker for relationships, gives an edge for a job or promotion, and aids with a person's overall likability and feeling of self-worth. To  purchase her book now, visit:

About the Author

Lori Bassarab holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Film. She has lived, worked and gone to school in the United States, England and Canada. She has frequently been asked how she is so thin—so shared her insights in the book 'Secrets from a Size Zero'.

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