Assisi Animal Health Discusses Signs of Pain in Aging Pets

PINEHURST, N.C, June 20, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Assisi Animal Health, developer of the Assisi Loop®, an effective non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory device (NPAID®) that works as therapy for dogs, discusses signs of pain in your canines:

Unlike humans who feel a pain and head for the medicine cabinet, animals rely on their owner to pick up on subtle signs that they are feeling discomfort. While there can be discomforts at any age, by age 8 a canine will have some "senior" aches and pains. Pet owners should be on the alert to recognize these symptoms.

  1. Does your animal get up and down and change positions frequently?
  2. When you grab the leash, is your pet reluctant to race to the door?  When you get to the car, does he stop and "ask for a boost up?" 
  3. Pet going outside to do his "business" but is right back at the door to come in, without his usual "tour of the yard."
  4. Spending more time than usual in his favorite bed or chair.
  5. The pet being "off his food" and perhaps looking at his dog dish like he wished it were higher up.
  6. Your pet choosing to sleep by the bed, rather than "on the bed."
  7. Overall disinterest in general.

If any of these 7 symptoms ring a bell, it is probably time to visit your veterinary professional who could suggest simple ways to reduce pain. It could be a change in food that has more joint focused properties, taking off some weight or adding a low impact slow walk to the daily routine. If you recognize a change in their normal routine, it is time to visit your vet and protect the comfort of your four-legged family member. It is always easiest when you recognize symptoms early on.

Assisi Animal Health's clinical solutions complete the Circle of Care – the collaboration of veterinarians and owners in the animal's health and healing. Our company helps veterinary professionals and owners improve the quality of life for companion animals using the Assisi Loop, the non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical healing device that is based on the same FDA-cleared technology used on humans. The device uses low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to reduce pain and swelling, and to enhance recovery.

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