Are Open Online Courses a Threat to Brick and Mortar Education Institutions?

FARMINGTON, Conn., April 3, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Driven by a myriad of powerful market forces and a broken cost model, massively open online courses (MOOCs) are shaping the higher education industry. MOOCs will change how higher education is paid for in the future, but the models and monetization strategies are still unclear. If the rise of MOOCs means higher education will be increasingly commoditized and nudge prices on a downward trend, this might spell trouble for traditional brick and mortar institutions. Naturally, these institutions will need to develop their own online programs and courses to stay competitive.


On the consumer side the trade-offs are clear: what online learning lacks in the "human element", it makes up for in terms of convenience and flexibility. On the supplier side, education technology vendors – Blackboard, Coursera, edX, Instructure, Khan Academy, Knewton, and Udacity – are scrambling to capture new opportunities in the fast-growing MOOC trend.

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Next in the Evolution of Distance Learning: Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

How will MOOCs shape the higher education industry? How can existing education technology vendors extend their offerings to include MOOCs? Ovum's new report examines the implications of creating and using MOOCs in higher education, highlights the pros and cons of MOOCs for both institutions and vendors, and offers recommendations for institutions and technology vendors on how to approach MOOC opportunities.

This report covers key messages MOOCs have for the higher education industry. To view a full table of contents, or to download free sample pages from the full report, please visit

iPads & Smartphones in K-12 Schools

The market is molding today's youth to become tomorrow's consumer. Technology vendors are advocating the benefits of eLearning initiatives and progressive K-12 school districts are moving toward 1:1 initiatives in which every student is provided with his or her own internet-ready device. However, adoption is still in the early stages due to weaker spending on eLearning initiatives. On average, there are three students to every one computer or computer device in US classrooms today.

One of the largest hurdles for getting mobile technology into classrooms is the lack of infrastructure in many K-12 schools. Most mobile devices require sufficient broadband technology and wireless connections to support hundreds of students, teachers and administrators on the Internet.

This report outlines the changes underway in US K-12 classrooms with regard to mobile technology. Apple's iPad and Google's Chromebook are highlighted as two potential devices that schools may wish to consider in their mobile technology selection process. The study details key success factors that are critical when introducing mobile technology into K-12 schools, including infrastructure, device management, software updates, technical support, deployment and management, and pricing/total cost of ownership.

Read more or request a free sample from the full report at

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