"Apps", Shields, Programmability, Arduino-capability & Hackability....on a light bulb?

$25 "bulb" includes smartphone-control and Arduino capabilities, superior lighting characteristics, & utility load shedding

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- NliteN has just added the dimmable 2D-Lux™ Smart LED Disk (SLEDD) to its campaign on Indiegogo. The 2D-Lux SLEDD, a 60W-incandescent-replacement LED smart "bulb", adds an Atmel (NASDAQ: ATML ) AVR microcontroller, USB interface, and hardware-expansion pins to the 2D-Lite™ LED Disk (Sept 4, 2013 PR here), bringing intelligence, programmability, additional hardware functions, and the ability for consumers to install, and run, light bulb apps, including smartphone control, at very low cost -- about the average price of "dumb", connectivity-incapable, LED bulbs at most retailers - $25.

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Both disks are based on  patent-pending 2D-Light™ LED Disk technology featuring point-source spherical LED illumination pattern, automated assembly, and utility load shedding capability with an eye towards encouraging rebates.

The 2D-Lux SLEDD's functionality can be augmented and customized by using its expansion connector to add "shields" – small, low-cost plug-in circuit board modules. Shields can add any number of hardware functions to the 2D-Lux SLEDD, including microphones (clap on, clap off, clap dim, loudness sensitive brightness, etc), motion sensors, Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi, Linux web appliance, and battery-backed-up clock-calendars, among others. The functions on the shield are then utilized by a light disk "app" (LDA™) that the consumer downloads into the AVR microcontroller via the SLEDD's integrated USB connector - fully defining SLEDD functionality.

One of the first apps/shield combinations being planned, as a crowdfunding stretch goal, enables the remote control of a SLEDD using a standard Android or iPhone mobile device for such functions as on, off, dimming, timed functions, etc. Using a WiFi shield, its LDA and smartphone app, all purchased from NliteN's online store, SLEDDs can be addressed and controlled individually, or as a group, over an internet or LAN connection without lowering lumen light output, needing a special bridge device, or limiting the number of LED Disks that can be controlled.

Consumers will be able to download LDAs from NliteN's online store, iLumens™, install them via the integrated USB connector, then run these firmware applications to define various lighting functions and modes. A set of basic, free, apps are planned, enabling the SLEDD to perform simple tasks, such as using the AVR's on-board timer to turn its LEDs on or off at defined intervals.

"The low power sleep modes found in Atmel's AVR, as well as its wide voltage operating range, has allowed NliteN to eliminate expensive AC to DC power supplies, as well as eliminating the need for large electrolytic capacitors which are a huge reliability and lifetime concern in Solid State Lighting today", said Andreas Eieland, Atmel's Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Standard Microcontrollers. "The AVR's high processing throughput allows inexpensive, direct, USB interfacing to the AVR, facilitating the ability of an owner to download apps by simply attaching a PC's USB cable to the integrated connector on the bulb. Our low noise, high precision, on-chip analog to digital converters enabled NliteN's designers to measure system temperatures to prevent system overheating in enclosed fixtures, as well as monitor AC power waveforms and implement a planned low-cost powerline receiver communications capability similar to the BSR X10".

Where do those brilliant apps come from?

As part of its mission to create excellent, affordable lighting products, NliteN's product strategy includes supporting, and conspiring in, the exciting new collaborative business models that are fueling the revival of Western manufacturing economies by enabling individual, or small teams of, innovators to bring their products to market quickly. The 2D-Light technology platform was designed to welcome and support third-party hardware and software applications.

In addition to funding the 2D-Lux Smart LED Disk's and its shields' development, NliteN plans to use a portion of its crowd-sourced funding to create an apps store, as well as an on-line forum where developers can apply their technical skills and imagination to create and market a wealth of innovative shields, LDAs and smartphone apps, unleashing the full potential of 2D-Lux SLEDD-based products.

Code warriors, lighting enthusiasts, professionals, hackers, and Maker-inspired hobbyists, will be welcomed at the members-only developers' forum, via NliteN's 2D-Light.com website, where community support for developers, and interaction with 2D-Light LED Disk owners in the site's public area, will be facilitated. Developers creating hardware shields, SLEDD LDAs, and smartphone apps, will then offer them to consumers via NliteN's iLumens™ online store, with a portion of each purchase returning an attractive royalty to its developer. Although the SLEDD can easily be configured as an Arduino-compatible device by Makers and artists for their own use, SLEDDs, LDAs, and SLEDD hardware shields are not open-sourced, nor licensed for commercial use.

Visitors to the iLumens store will be able to select, pay for and download the apps and LDAs, (some may be available at no charge) as well as purchase shields and other hardware in a secure online environment. LDAs are then transferred to the SLEDD via the LED Disk's integrated USB connector. Hardware shields can be easily attached using the SLEDD's shield interface.

The 2D-Lux SLEDD realizes several aspects of the NliteN's core mission: to make low cost, efficient, affordable, high-quality lighting available - as both a basic human necessity and as a means for enhancing people's quality of life", stated Andy Turudic, inventor of the 2D-Light LED Disk Technology and architect of the 2D-Lux SLEDD. "In developing the 2D-Lux Smart LED Disk, we thought long and hard about how Makers, artists, developers, hackers, and consumers have been left in the dark by most lighting manufacturers. Although NliteN's SLEDD is not open-sourced, all of the information needed for developers to create light disk, and smartphone, apps and hardware shields licensed for use on high volume-manufactured SLEDDs will be provided."

"The iLumens on-line store concept was created to allow our developers to market their 2D-Light SLEDD-compatible creations to what we expect to be a very large customer base" said Turudic. "We're creating an iTunes for light bulbs, along with new hardware capabilities to ensure functional longevity and flexibility. Our lighting goals will be realized with the participation and support of interested investors and our Indiegogo supporters at http://igg.me/at/2DLight".

Media Kit is here

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