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TestoMeds is now offering Androforte, a superior form of Androgel low testosterone treatment, at discount prices online at

BET SHEMESH, Israel, Aug. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Low testosterone is dangerous. Testosterone, which is found in both genders, stimulates blood flow, grows tissue and mass, and helps regulate the sex drive. At a certain age, some people's levels lower significantly.


That's where Androforte (and Testomeds) step in. Androforte 5% (a superior form of Androgel) is a bio-identical synthetic testosterone that applies directly to the scrotum. As cheap as 117.00 for 50 days of supply, the benefits are limitless.

Consider exercise.  Muscle growth is aided by testosterone, as is energy level. Without Androforte, the gym can be a nightmare, where low energy meets decreased results.

"My doctor started me on your product, which seemed to make all of the difference in the world," said J.S. in Florida. "My fatigue symptoms seemed to vanish within weeks, and my libido returned to that of a man in his 20s."

J.S. is on to something, because testosterone also governs mood! Low testosterone creams allow application that fits a customer's needs, which makes it superior to other options.

There's an elephant in the room with testosterone: it governs sexual function. Androforte increases sexual appetite and ability, as aging citizens will attest. There's no need to lose interest due to inability (especially when it costs a little more than two bucks a day!) isn't just focusing men. Women with low testosterone levels can suffer from fatigue, loss of muscle mass, increased risk of osteoporosis and related bone deterioration, and lack of interest in sex. For them, Androfeme 1% is the answer.

Progesterone deficiency is also a thing of the past thanks to Testomeds. (That means no more irregular or heavy periods, facial hair growth, stomach-based weight gain, adult acne, low libido, infertility or difficulty maintaining a pregnancy.)

With Profeme 10% and  Profeme 3.2%, a healthy life is as easy as visiting and ordering. If you'd prefer to use the phone, 1-888-543-6076 is the number to dial. Once the products arrive, results may be visible as early as one week. Then, low testosterone or low progesterone  will be in the rear-view mirror.

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