Analysts in the education sector question the sustainability of modern education as debate on what defines quality continues to rage

Analysts in the education sector have questioned the sustainability of modern day education and when or if it stops. This comes as debate on what defines a quality education continues to rage on. According to many experts, although education is an integral part of human development, curriculum delivery and modern educational practices have missed the pint. Experts note that education is not about qualifications in specific fields but also it entails a deeper understanding of any environment and

OSLO, Norway, Feb. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Analysts in the labor market have noted that contemporary education has failed to deliver able professionals who can adapt in the demanding labor market, causing no small amount of alarm. While a lot of people think that education is the key to success, a lot of analysts in education note that a modern education may not be enough to open all the doors. A lot of people agree that education is a cycle that starts when a person is born until they are dead.


However, there is also another school of thought that views education as an auxiliary part of life which shouldn't take a lot of years. Whichever the case though, the truth is living and navigating through the pressures of life needs a mind that can learn and acquire knowledge whether in class or through experience. Education experts say that the learning curve in life is very crucial especially for people who are looking for success and in fact the experts add that this learning process goes way beyond the classroom.

Learning and education seem to be two terms that are very different albeit they are used in the same context. A lot of experts say that while learning is a necessity in life, education is just a spring board to achieve specific personal goals. In addition to this, the dynamic nature of contemporary society requires a lot of learning. The main motivation in education should be a hunger for more knowledge. Even if some people may be qualified professionals, the kind of knowledge they have at the moment of graduation may become irrelevant ten years down the line.

Experts say that this is the harsh reality of contemporary education. Professionals strive to catch up with the dynamic world and this is regarded as the most important part of the learning curve. The truth is there is a lot to learn out there especially in economics, marketing, technology, and public relations. According to analysts in labor market trends, professionals who are up to speed with the latest developments in their field of study are better placed to succeed compared to those who aren't.

In addition graduates should also keep tabs on emerging innovations in their specific fields. Experts say that innovations can redefine a traditional field and it is always important for all those concerned to know exactly what is going on. Furthermore, it is also wise to add on to what is already there through refresher courses. Joining a course can be a good way of improving the value of skills in professionals to make them compatible with current trends in their specific fields. Educational experts also advise professionals to do personal research on a regular basis to know what's new in their fields and how such innovations can help make their careers better.

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