TORONTO, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- We all face the undying challenges of PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) compliance and certification. There are thousands of devices that require certification in order to be accepted for use by a potential client. But even with all of these devices going through PCI and EMV certification, there continues to be credit card compromises. Why would that be?

Quite Simple: PCI certification of a device in no way protects the client from any potential card theft. What the certification does is essentially say that the day the product was certified it was secure.  It does not mean that the certified solution will remain secure – it may no longer be secure if changes are made to it, and it does not mean that the secure solution cannot be compromised!

Credit card hacks still breach certified devices.  We read every day that even BANKS can be compromised.

PCI Compliance is much different. PCI Compliance refers to the secure storage and protection of credit card information. This is a process that all kiosk vendors should be undergoing every day that shows they are continually limiting the risk of potential credit card theft. This must be self-imposed and done at all times.

The Biggest Myth is customers are lead to believe that as long as the Payment device is PCI Certified that everything is great and they can start using the device…. I have heard over and over that Kiosk vendors take pride in that they store credit cards (thousands at a time for batch processing or for reporting) and customers accept it simply because the solution was certified at one time. It simply is not true. In fact if you advertise that you store credit card data in a machine you are asking to be compromised. Credit card processors that accept this are not providing the service they should to their clients. While most major processors evaluate all solutions and do additional tests to ensure the solution is as secure as possible some actually fall back on the solution just being certified which is a travesty in itself.

So what is the best solution: DON'T STORE CREDIT CARD DATA ………… is that simple! Why even take the chance as hackers are always one step ahead! ANAI realizes that many machines that accept credit cards cannot keep ahead of the fraudulent actions and need a solution that limits the risk to all.

The new XAC 303 is a fully EMV and PCI 3.0 certified terminal that can be mounted on any automated Kiosk solution and isolates the kiosk from the card information  as far as the kiosk will not be collecting, storing or transferring credit card data. The credit card is encrypted at insertion into the payment terminal and is immediately transferred to the processor - there is no interaction what so ever with the Kiosk. Once the sale is completed all the Kiosk receives the payment information it requires to produce receipts and record the fact that a transaction took place, but it never sees the actual credit card information. Consider this as the certified payment machine interacting with nothing but the processor. There are no PC'S involved and no operating systems to compromise. In addition to being PCI certified, it is EMV certified and accepts contactless "tap and go" transactions and will accept CHIP & PIN entry which means it will accept Interac debit cards.

The new Terminal will be EMV certified and "offer tap and go" as well.

ANAI will be offering this first through its Parking and Transportation subsidiary Nautical Technologies Inc. and then will have an interface available to all Kiosk manufacturers and all customers needing this requirement regardless of the machine payment station they presently have. Introduction will be fall of 2013 as beta tests are underway and certification is scheduled to be complete with their processing partner in the next 60 days.


Grant Furlane

Grant Furlane is the President of ANAi Global. He is a 30 year veteran in the Transportation, Technology, Security and Parking industries. He aggressively built three transportation technology companies that established the vanguard for tracking and monitoring vehicle movement. Mr. Furlane's companies developed and sold integrated parking and security control systems for major airports, hotels, hospitals and parking lot management companies. A former President of the Canadian Parking Association and a Co-Chairman of the World Symposium on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Mr. Furlane is considered to be a leader in these industries.

About ANAi Global

ANAi Global is a leading provider of low cost, high quality technology applications (Apps) and networking solutions. Apps are designed and engineered for environments like enterprise, site offices, mobile, and cloud computing. Solutions include Intelligent Networking, Payment Card PCI Compliance, Transportation Tracking and Parking Management.

About Nautical Technologies

Nautical Technologies provides leading edge Technology and Hardware for the Parking, Security and Transportation Markets.  Parking Management solutions include Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR), Cloud Applications (Apps), Mobile Applications (Apps),  Ticket  and Gate Equipment. Nautical Technologies designs and deploys complete Parking Management systems or standalone solutions.

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