An explosive hollywood novel of sex, power, intrigue... and murder... in the 50′s

Everybody loves Hollywood, and this is coming from an insider.

NEW YORK, July 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- A Hollywood novel during the 50's and 60's. Old Hollywood. 


Confessions of a Hollywood Agent is a novel of a Hollywood courtesan and her procurer, who rise in the film world of the 50′s and early 60′s. Clint the agent and Dorothy the Star manipulate the Hollywood Godfather, Fidel Castro, JFK, an international playboy who was the godchild of Hitler… and one another. But the plot and intrigues they devise to further their careers don't always turn out as planned. Only an industry insider could write a story filled with such nuance about the glam and grim of Hollywood in the 50s and 60s. There is plenty of sinning in Confessions, but is there redemption? You'll stay awake to find out. Don't rush forward to the closing credits. They come much too soon.

William Gardner who worked for Marion Davis (Who was William Randolph Hearst mistress for 30 some years) and Joe Kenneddy at her home after he died. When JFK got married to Jacqueline Kennedy they honeymooned at house in Beverly Hills where Bill had gotten a Job at Mariannes house. They came to stay n her house because Marion was a very old friend of Joe Kenneddy who was a movie producer at that time in the 20's and made movies for Hollywood. That's How William Gardner met them in the house. That opened up William to his visits with Kennedy in Washington. Then he got involved with the election for JFK.

"Well I sure hope that most of Mr. Gardners clients are dead or else he would be in real trouble. The seances and conversations in this fast paced book are so real and candid that one would think he was in the room! But WAIT he was in the room. !  This is the real McCoy, you don't need to read any other Hollywood tell all book. This one tells it ALL !  It is fun and stunning about all your favorite stars. I couldn't put it down, Don't miss this one, you will astound your friends with hard and funny truths here"

"Only an industry insider could write a story filled with such nuance about the glam and grim of Hollywood in the 1950's and 60's. William Gardner takes you on a (manicured and bejeweled) hand-held tour of Beverly Hills and its crusty and upper-crust inhabitants. You'll be privy to the name-dropping and bed-hopping among a large cast of loveable and loathsome characters, including a minister's daughter who poses for Playboy but tithes ten percent of her earnings to the church and an internationally famous comedian who wastes his money on gambling and drugs. And enjoy the odd, but enduring alliance between the story's leading man and lady: Clint Nation, a Montana cowboy, and Dorothy Winters, a small-time thief, who will re-invent themselves and traverse the Hollywood Hills together as agent and movie star, occasional lovers and loyal friends. There's plenty of sinning in "Confessions", but is there redemption? You'll stay awake trying to find out. But don't rush – or fast forward – to the closing credits. They come much too soon."

-Ellen Singer


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