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This campaign is to fund the casting and location scout expenses of the feature film AMERICANA. Your support will cover travel expenses - including cost of a rental car, gas to cover travel from Phoenix to local communities within 250 miles for talent search and location scouting, lodging for up to three people, roundtrip airfare for the producer to travel from Arkansas to Arizona, roundtrip airfare for the director to travel from Arizona to Arkansas - advertising and printing costs, space rental, and meeting costs.

Authenticity of people and place in this film is crucial. Our goals as filmmakers are to cast people from the community of which the film depicts and to shoot completely on location. The search for talent will occur in Flagstaff and the surrounding communities including Precott and Payson. The search will also be conducted in Phoenix and Tucson. The film will be shot entirely in Flagstaff, AZ.

Repression, isolation, and secrets lead to an American tragedy.

In Flagstaff, AZ, we follow seventeen-year-old Max and his father, Chris. Max is to start his junior year of high school. Both Chris and Max struggle to connect having been apart for some time following a divorce. However, Max has a remembered and instant connection with Jake, Chris's best friend and Max's English teacher. This connection between Jake and Max escalates as Max and Chris become more distant. Sixteen-year-old Alex, an isolated classmate of Max, feels an instant but unreciprocated connection to Max, and progresses into obsession. Alex's witness to what happens between Max and Jake and the untangling connections amongst all, build to an American tragedy. The film explores the cost of secrets, the cost of disconnection, and the cost of disaffecting societal rules for the expression of truth. 

The attached crew of this film is an exciting international group of professionals from varying backgrounds and levels of experience. It is a real opportunity to create an ensemble effort amongst diverse artisans who bring their varying perspectives and understandings of the world and American culture into a single coherent and challenging view of the United States. 

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Since Sandy Hook, there have been more than forty school shootings in this country. 

What is happening? 

AMERICANA seeks to begin a conversation about more than "a crazed and isolated young man," or the "mental instability" of a single shooter. AMERICANA looks at the community that surrounds a school shooting and holds us all accountable. AMERICANA looks at the building blocks of tragedy. Without offering an answer to something too complicated to reason, it gives a beginning. AMERICANA is a catalyst for a shift of thinking, of heart, of the ordinary interactions we have with each other. This film shines a light on the undiagnosed fear in American culture and society that permeates from top to bottom, in our major cities to the smallest rural community. It is the fear of the other, the outside, the different, the unknown, the change. 

AMERICANA joins the canon of films such as Brokeback MountainWallstreet12 Years a SlaveGuess Who's Coming to Dinner. Through their honesty, these films challenge the status quo. They show us who we are, who we have been. Through recognition, the needle can begin to move. And those pieces that have been cut to scar, can begin to heal. The public benefit of introspection is perhaps unquantifiable. But it is the beginning of all change. Only when we begin to see ourselves, do we recognize that the crazed gunman is not him or her or over there. He is in the mirror. She sits in front of the television. He orders the latte in your voice. She sits in your chair and reads these words. As Robert Kennedy said about the Vietnam War, "I'm blaming me. And I'm blaming you. We are the American people, and we permitted that." 

Where our hope has been buried, we can excavate.

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