American Travel Suppliers Talk Airline Baggage Tips

American Travel Suppliers have released some general tips for travelers to adhere to as they plan what to pack for a vacation that involves an airline flight.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 16, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- American Travel Suppliers understands that the most hectic part of a vacation is the packing and getting through a busy airport. To assist travelers in both processes, American Travel Suppliers has assembled a list of tips flyers will want to take note of to keep the stress of airline travel to a minimum.


Airports can be stressful places. With so many people rushing around and multiple security checkpoints in place slowing people down, things can get nerve-racking. American Travel Suppliers suggests that travelers pack their bags carefully, and understand the rules the airlines have put in place. It is smart to always double-check with airline companies before packing to ensure that bags are the required sizes. Many airline companies restrict travelers to a single carry-on bag and one personal item. Laptops, briefcases, and diaper bags are examples of personal items. The regulated size of carry-ons changes from airline to airline, so it is wise to check to see what is allowed for each company. Of course, always avoid packing self-defense items such as; blades and fireworks. Some companies will allow smokers to bring personal lighters with them in carry-ons, but will not let them store the lighters in their luggage. Again, it is always smart to check in advance about baggage regulations, before arriving at the airport.

With carry-ons, American Travel Suppliers recommend that travelers pack a sleeping mask, ear buds, and some comfortable socks. The sleep mask is the most understandable idea as it allows travelers to block out the light in a daytime flight. Getting even an hour of extra sleep on a flight can be a large boost to energy levels that will rapidly drain due to the stress of hustling through busy airports. Ear buds are useful in more ways than one. The ear buds can drain out the droning of jet engines while trying to take a nap, and they also can be utilized for their usual purpose of listening to music. With laptops and tablets more prominent than ever before, and now that most cell phones can also substitute as standalone media players, having a pair of ear buds can help pass the time during a lengthy flight or layover. Finally, comfortable socks are recommended to be brought along. Once boarded, a traveler can remove their shoes and put on a pair of soft socks. Some travelers experience swelling in their legs and feet while on long flights; wearing a pair of socks, instead of uncomfortable shoes, can ease the soreness.

American Travel Suppliers suggest travelers follow all of these tips, in order to save both time and energy while dealing with airlines while on vacation. 

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