American Fuel Distributor Releases Statistics on the Nation's Fuel Consumption

AMERIgreen Shows How Buying US Oil Creates Jobs

LEBANON, Pa., Feb. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- AMERIgreen, local energy wholesaler, just released a new round of research and an infographic to show the effects of buying American fuel.


"We wanted to create an engaging way to educate the public about the importance of 100% American Fuel," says AMERIgreen President Steve McCracken. "Most people do not know they have a choice when selecting where their fuel comes from, and that their choice helps support the American economy, creates American jobs, and increases American energy security."

AMERIgreen sells 100% domestically produced petroleum, biofuels, natural gas, electricity, and propane to distributors in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

In recent research, AMERIgreen took 2012 oil production and consumption statistics and revealed how foreign consumption affected the U.S. economy.

These startling numbers are put into perspective when you consider what that money could have been spent on if the funds remained within the U.S. The infographic compares $380 billion dollars leaving the US to the trade deficit, the 2009 stimulus package, and the Iraq War budget. When one considers that foreign oil expenditures could have funded half the stimulus bill or half the Iraq War, it is easy to understand the need to buy American fuel. Consumers can identify with those numbers and conceptualize what $380 billion dollars looks like.

Many American companies have implemented "Buy Local" and "Buy American" campaigns in the last few years, showing the impact of shopping U.S.-made products and local businesses. Here, AMERIgreen demonstrates that for every dollar spent on oil, $0.60 leaves the U.S. economy. If that money had stayed in the U.S., it could have generated $1 trillion in new economic activity and created 3 million new jobs.

"We are passionately committed to our mission. At AMERIgreen we work every day to improve America's energy freedom and sustainability for today and future generations. We are proud to have our 100% American Fuel distributors be committed partners responsible for displacing 26 million gallons of foreign oil with their customers in 2012," McCracken states.

To see the infographic and learn more about the benefits of buying American fuel, visit Amerigreen online and find a local fuel provider near you.

About AMERIgreen

AMERIgreen is a Lancaster, PA-based wholesale energy provider to the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions dedicated to working every day to improve America's energy freedom and sustainability for today and future generations. AMERIgreen Energy provides innovative and domestically produced, quality petroleum, biofuels, propane, motor oils, electricity, and natural gas. They also provide hedging, risk management, and marketing solutions to their distributor partners. For more information visit

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